12th July 2019

The Greek Olive Refreshed

I’ve got a very soft spot for the Greek Olive restaurant on Faringdon Road – right across from the GWR Park.

I struggle to believe that four years have passed since I first wrote about the place on the blog here. Swindon’s Greek Olive is a popular place and with good reason. The people are lovely, the food is consistent and the portions are large. And who doesn’t like a large portion?! 😉 It’s a charming taste of Greece in the heart of Swindon.

I was about to say it’s an unchanging taste of Greece but that’s not true now, hence this post. For the Greek Olive has had a freshen up – starting with the outside. Here it is looking lovely and fresh.

Swindon Greek Olive refreshed

So, a few days ago, perambulating into town as is my want, and approaching the Greek Olive I started to feel flotbot* and in need of food.

*As far as I know I got this term from the BBC TV Series All Creatures Great and Small. In this series one of the characters had a dog with a propensity for flotbot – meaning, I think, constipated. But I use it to mean going hypoglyceamic and in need of food. But I digress.

Seeing the door open I decided to dive in and ask for a plate of Greek meze to keep me going. Sorry for the lack of  photos of said meze. Delicious as always – I demolished it in a flash! But, while there, I was delighted to discover that, as well as piffing up the frontage of the restaurant, they’d done a make-over on the tatty old courtyard. As you’ll see from the few photos below it’s now a charming, sunny slice of Greek courtyard atmosphere. It’s quite a transformation for sure. And a lovely spot for some meze washed down with a Mythos or a glass of retsina. 

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