Monday 23rd March 2015 – Update

I’m always happy to concede that there are others out there whose knowledge of Swindon is far deeper and greater than mine – ‘proper’ historians with in-depth knowledge where mine has hidden shallows. So it’s been pointed out to me today by one such luminary that what I’ve been referring to as Faringdon Park is in fact more properly called Faringdon Road Park. Which makes sense if you think about it. Apparently older Swindonians, railway men in particular, always gave it its full handle. Moreover there’s an argument for it being properly termed the ‘GWR Park’. As my source said, anything that keeps the focus on Swindon’s proud railway history has to be a good thing. And I’m not arguing with that.

Saturday 24th May 2014

10 things to celebrate about #Swindon. No 1: parks & green spaces – Faringdon Road Park

Last weekend I was en route, on foot, to the railway station to meet my sister off the train. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I had a bit of time to spare so  decided to have a meander through the park and take a few pictures. I often walk alongside the park as I’m tramping around but rarely take the time to go through it – which is a shame as it’s a lovely big open space.

The park dates from the 1840s when  it was provided for the Great Western Railway workers many of whom lived in the adjoining Railway Village. It’s now popular with local residents office workers in central Swindon out for a stroll and on work breaks.

As Swindon Web state: ‘Faringdon Park was also the venue for an unusual moments in 1870 when the world-renowned W.G Grace was dismissed for a duck in both innings when he played for Bedminister against the New Swindon side.’  It seems that it doesn’t matter who or what you think of  there’s a Swindon connection somewhere.  On Swindon Web there’s a couple of lovely old photographs. Swindon local have some on their flickr collection too.



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