Eggelicious – E3

Eggelicious - E3 Ash Mistry holding a Tim Carroll painting of the Tented Market

11th March 2018 [jetpack_subscription_form] Eggelicious – E3 Eggelicious – or E3 as the incarnation in The Crossing in the Brunel Centre is called was an early post on this blog: There are couple of others too but that one is the first one. Ive been thinking for a while that

The Core Juice Bar

Core Juice Bar Swindon

29th September 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] The Core Juice Bar Swindon Last weekend saw the 4th annual sausage and ale trail around Old Town. This is, it has to said, a rather splendid event. It’s a great opportunity to undertake a gastronomic tour round the participating pubs, bars, coffee shops and stalls. It’s also


Inside the outlet centre - swindon shopping

21st July 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Here we go with another guest post, in the spirit of Switch on to Swindon, written by my AA Editorial Services client Reshma Field – aka Ishbel’s Wardrobe. Aside from Reshma’s feelings about the town centre I couldn’t agree more! So thanks Reshma for a super positive

Eggelicious hatches into E3

The future is green

7th July 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Eggelicious hatches into E3 It was back in 2013 that I discovered the cracking good place to eat that is Eggelicious.  I was late to the party though because they were established in 2009 would you believe? That’s a lot of eggs. And chicken. And lamb.

Via Buzzfeed: 24 Things That Aren’t Completely Awful About Swindon

Art deco diving platform - great things about swindon

28th April 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Via Buzzfeed: 24 Things That Aren’t Completely Awful About Swindon or Put another way: Great Things about Swindon Hello listeners. In case you’ve missed it on social media this post is mainly a share of a Buzzfeed article with the snappy title: 24 Things That Aren’t Completely

Diwali: authentic Indian cuisine

Diwali swindon back entrance

11th February 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Delicious Diwali Delights Well listeners. It just goes to show. Y’never know what you might be missing. For quite some time now, on my regular perambulations into town from home, I’ve  passed by this curry house but never given it any consideration – being in the ‘oh not