Swindon Groups & Orgs

Some Swindon Community Groups and Organisations

No – not music groups but some community groups and organisations I know of – pretty self-explanatory I think. Explore! A useful list of some of Swindon’s community groups and organisations.

  1. Swindon Civic Voice: http://www.swindoncivicvoice.org.uk
  2. Mechanics’ Institute Trust: http://mechanics-trust.org.uk
  3. Swindon Viewpoint: http://www.swindonviewpoint.com
  4. Voluntary Action Swindon: http://vas-swindon.org
  5. Swindon Heritage Magazine: http://www.swindonheritage.com
  6. The Swindon Society: http://www.theswindonsociety.co.uk
  7. Friends of Lydiard Park: http://www.lydiardparkfriends.org.uk
  8. Lydiard Park Heritage Trust: http://www.lydiardtrust.org.uk
  9. Swindon Climate Action Network: http://www.swindonclimate.org.uk
  10. Incredible Edible Swindon: http://www.edibleswindon.co.uk
  11. Friends of the museum and art gallery: http://swindonmuseumandartgallery.org.uk/home/about-us/
  12. Rodbourne local history group: http://www.rodbournehistory.org
  13. Visit Wiltshire: http://www.visitwiltshire.co.uk/explore/swindon
  14. Visit Swindon: http://www.visitswindon.org.uk
  15. Swindon local: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swindonlocal/
  16. Swindon Web: http://www.swindonweb.com
  17. Swindon Link magazine: http://www.swindonlink.com
  18. Swindon Open Studios: https://www.swindonopenstudios.org