Peyton’s 5 Healthy Lunchbox Principles

Peyton’s 5 Healthy Lunchbox Principles

Nutritional therapist Caroline Peyton shares her tips for ‘back to school’ healthy lunchboxes

September 2020

As children go back to school, naturopath and nutritional therapist Caroline Peyton has some tips about healthy lunchboxes for students. And their parents. So here’s Peyton’s 5 Healthy Lunchbox Principles!

“During lockdown, many of us got out of the habit of making lunchboxes. And some of our eating hasn’t been the healthiest for a whole range of reasons. Not least because of the initial rush on supermarkets and panic buying.

“Now children are back to school and parents back to work, it’s a good time to think about quick and easy solutions when it comes to the lunchbox.

With all these suggested dishes it’s important to consider plenty of protein to help keep your child full and able to concentrate through the afternoon. 

“At the same time, choosing wholegrains not refined (white) and adding vegetables helps to provide fibre and keep blood sugar stable. This also helps to keep children focused, calm and energized through the day.”

Peyton's 5 Healthy Lunchbox Principles - Caroline Peyton

Caroline’s top 5 tips Peyton’s 5 Healthy Lunchbox Principles

  1. For an older child hot soup in a flask is a welcome lunch during the colder months. Consider a lentil soup or a vegetable soup with added mixed beans.
  2. Wholemeal pasta with tuna, sweetcorn and a tomato sauce (look for lower sugar versions). You can make enough for two consecutive days and keep in the fridge. Children love this cold. Look for wheat free pasta versions like chickpea or lentil too.
  3. Wholemeal pitta bread with a little cream cheese, chicken slices, tinned salmon, tofu (vegan) or hard-boiled egg and cucumber or other salad.
  4. Oat or sweet potato wraps with a variety of fillings like above.
  5. Frittata is an Italian style egg dish cooked with potatoes, cheese, herbs, tomatoes and any vegetables you have to hand. This tends to be a cold dish and makes a very nutritious and filling lunch. 

About Caroline Peyton

Caroline is an established and leading naturopath and nutritional therapist in Swindon and the Cotswolds.

She runs clinics in Swindon, Cirencester and Kempsford. This year she celebrated her 10th business anniversary.  To find out more visit

Peyton's 5 Healthy Lunchbox Principles - screenshot from website

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Business Village shines spotlight on mental health

Business Village shines spotlight on mental health

September 2020

Who knew? The New Normal’– Business Village shines spotlight on mental health

Swindon networking group Business Village shines spotlight on mental health at its next online meeting.

Attendees will see a presentation exploring how businesses are coping during the pandemic. And its effects on mental health.Who knew? The New Normal’ is in the intriguing title of Gail’s presentation.

Gail McKay, who runs Swindon-based Integra Wellbeing, will present her talk on Thursday 17 September.

Business Village shines spotlight on mental health - Gail McKay Integra Health
Gail McKay

The content of Gail’s Talk

Gail’s talk will cover how to recognise the changes that have occurred. Both the obvious and the more subtle. And how to get the best result for your business in the current climate. What the benefits are of the changes to our lifestyles and what we can do about our own fears and anxieties.

“I’m a qualified mental health instructor for both MHFA England and the British Safety Council. As a small business owner, I understand the pressures that put on business people during this pandemic,” said Gail.

About the event

The event costs a mere £5 to attend. Attendees also get the chance to network and deliver a one-minute introduction to their business.

Swindon Business Village meetings aren’t limited to speaker-only events. The varying formats include business problem solving sessions, and focused networking sessions.

or more information about Swindon Business Village, to book for an event, or explore speaker opportunities, visit or email

The Swindon Business Village networking group meets online every Thursday from 8-9am.

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Swindon Entrepreneur finalist in Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020

Swindon Entrepreneur finalist in Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020

Swindon Entrepreneur and Author Sadie Sharp named as finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020

August 2020

Swindon Entrepreneur finalist in Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020

Swindon based entrepreneur and author Sadie Sharp is a regional finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020. In the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award category. 

These regional awards support, connect and encourage entrepreneurial minds in the UK.  They’ve become well known in the business calendar.

The regional, virtual, awards ceremony is on Wednesday September 23. And, if Sadie wins, she’ll go forward for the national title. 

Sadie Sharp

Swindon Entrepreneur finalist in Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020 - Sadie Sharp

Sadie is the founder of The Platform Project CIC (community interest company) which runs from an office in the Dorcan area of Swindon. The project helps young people develop entrepreneurial skills through real-life youth led businesses and projects. Often these young people will not have thrived within mainstream education. So learning how to work for themselves broadens their life options as well as developing differentiated employability skills.

Sadie said: “It surprised me that I’d made the shorlist for one of these prestigious awards. And to be one of a mere four finalists in the region is astonishing. For me, helping young people achieve is a passion and purpose I feel born for – it’s what I do. To receive this recognition is amazing and reminds me how special what we are creating is.

“Young people have so much to give. Yet many never reach their full potential. Sometimes this is becuase they haven’t found a way to fit into the education and employment options put in front of them. It’s my firm belief that ‘not fitting the mould’ presents potential, not a problem. And it’s my job to find a pathway that fits who they are, what they’re interested in, and what they could actually achieve if they can craft their own pathway. The aim of the Platform Project is to show success comes in so many forms and they have choices over how they want their life to look.”

A product of the project

Lucas Gleed is one of the young people from Swindon that the project has supported. He said: “I started out as a participant in the project’s youth magazine. Then, after three months the project offered me an apprenticeship in digital marketing. Now I’m coming to the end of my apprenticeship. Sadie has also helped me set up my own social media marketing business where I’ll advise small businesses as a freelancer. I’ve seen firsthand what the project can do for young people like me.

“Without the project,  I wouldn’t have learnt the skills to earn self-employed income or be the confident person I am today. The academic part of school was difficult for me. I struggled with it and felt disadvantaged by that.

The Platform Project

Said Lucas, ‘The Platform Project has opened up an exciting opportunity where I’ve learnt so many new skills. What’s more I’ve gained valuable youth enterprise and self-employment experience. Not many young people my age get such a chance.’

The Platform Project, created by Sadie four years ago, is a not-for-profit youth scheme. It supports the development of young people’s confidence and employability skills through a range of youth led businesses and enterprise activities. It’s quadrupled in size each year since starting. It now also assists schools and local authorities to target groups of young people learn enterprise skills. 

The project supports around sixty young people each year to either to get into work or start up their own business or side hustle. It’s about to expand into two new towns. 

To find out more about The Platform project visit:

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Swindon Business Village in the Frame

Swindon Business Village in the Frame

Presentation on videos is in the frame for Swindon Business Village

Popular networking group Swindon Business Village is in the frame with its first meeting of the autumn season. It’s kicking off its new season of online meetings with a focus on how to use video content to win more clients.

Since lockdown, Swindon Business Village has met online from 8-9am on Thursdays. But, as always, the group took a break for August.

On Thursday September 3, the first meeting back will feature a talk from Holly Wagner, of Swindon-based Green Kiwi Productions. She’ll kick the new season off with: Getting Started with Video Marketing for Your Business.

Holly’s talk will focus on how to create effective and engaging video marketing content, which helps to win new clients.

“I’ll also explain the basics of video production. Things such as where to position the camera, and try to help with any fears or blockages people may have around video,” said Holly.

“I’ll also explain the basics of video production. Things such as where to position the camera, and try to help with any fears or blockages people may have around video,” said Holly.

What the presentation will cover

The presentation will explore different ideas for videos, what to say to get people watching. It will also look at how, using nothing more than a smartphone, you can create engaging video content.

Holly added: “I’ve studied video production for over a decade and this is the only career I’ve had. I set up my video production business straight after university at the age of 21. In the last year I’ve moved over to video coaching, teaching people how they can create their own video content using their smartphone alone.’

The event costs a mere £5 to attend, and attendees also get the chance to network and deliver a one-minute presentation.

Star quality at Swindon Business Village

Swindon Business Village is also looking for other speakers for the forthcoming season.

PR consultant Jo Smyth, of Word Worker, who helps run Swindon Business Village, said: “We’re always looking out for good speakers for our Thursday meetings. We’ve had some great talks covering a wide range of topics, from marketing to sales, and even had one on how to deliver presentations. Our criteria are that the presentations have to be useful, informative and not promotional. Ours is a very friendly networking group. We’ve been going for at least ten years, and we are always an attentive and appreciative audience.”

Swindon Business Village meetings aren’t limited to speaker-only events. The varying formats include business problem solving sessions, and focused networking sessions.

Find out more

For more information about Swindon Business Village, to book for an event, or explore speaker opportunities, visit
Or email

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In memory of Oscar

In memory of Oscar


Latest news from Karl & Charlotte Paul, Oscar’s 10 for 10

In memory of Oscar, a group of Swindon business buddies – and one from 10,519 miles away in Port Campbell, Australia – have covered almost 5,000 kms to fundraise. All in memory of baby Oscar Paul who died ten years ago. 

They all joined Oscar’s dad Karl in a sponsored running challenge throughout July. Karl and his wife Charlotte had planned to raise £10,000 for charity during 2020 – to mark what would have been Oscar’s tenth birthday. 

They had a range of events to reach their target and then lockdown and Covid-19 scuppered their plans. Yet undeterred, Karl’s friend, Andy Rohrer, presented him with a new strategy.

The runners - In memory of Oscar
Karl Paul from Smarter Media, completing Oscar’s 10 for 10 challenge. July run, 496k in Wiltshire.Photos by Barbara Leatham Photography, taken on August 6th 2020 in Lydiard Park, Swindon, Wiltshire.

Karl said: “Having to work from home and being unable to ‘do’ a lot of things made me think about running and keeping fit. I decided to challenge myself to run on a regular basis and Andy came up with the idea of running for Oscar. So we aimed to run 1km on July 1, 2km on July 2, 3km on July 3 and to keep going up to July 31.


“Doing this in Oscar’s name motivated me and I knew if I could do it I would run 496km throughout the month. Then, to my surprise, various friends in business said they’d join me. 

“It’s been amazing, and very hard work, very early starts as I’m trying to run my business as well. As I approached the last week, I realised I’d be moving up to six hours a day which was a challenge.” 

Karl, who runs digital marketing agency and lead generation company Smarter Media, had several friends join him, including Andy Rohrer.

Andy said: “This was easily one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Being spurred on by the others was a major help and the real motivator was the reason we were doing it. This kept us all going towards the end during the most difficult moments.” 

Thanks to the team effort, they’ve smashed the current target of £10,000 with more than £13,600 raised so far.

Where the money will go

Karl and his wife, who live in Rodbourne Cheney, will donate the money they’ve raised to the Ronald McDonald House in Bristol which gave them support at the worst time in their lives when Oscar was born prematurely. 

Those who joined Karl on his epic challenge were: 

Rob Curtis  – of Smarter Media 
Ashley Cain – founder of Moovahome
Andy Rohrer – founder of Tiger Plant
Lee Flanagan – founder of Centraheat & CAL Solutions
Marc Stephens – team leader at Honda 
Graeme Leighfield – founder of GEL Studios
Matt Johnson – IT manager in the energy industry 
James Linley – railway manager for Crossrail
Lance Tucker – Sunshine Window Cleaning
Vicki McCulloch – TRAK Employment Solutions
Sharon Cotton – from Port Campbell, Australia


Oscar was born at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon on June 7 2010 25 weeks and two days’ gestation. He was so small he was transferred to St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol for care in their specialist neo natal unit. 

Since Oscar died the couple have already raised more than £30,000 in his memory. They will add at least £12,000 to that total in 2020. Anyone who wants to support the Paul family can do so by donating here:

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Waffling Designer helps budding creatives

Waffling Designer helps budding creatives

Entrepreneur and graphic designer Danny Matthews is supporting budding creatives by supporting a popular podcast. Hence a waffling designer helps budding creatives.

Danny, who runs content, graphic design and branding studio Danny&co. based near Cricklade, wants to encourage people into the industry. He’s already offered to take on young apprentices, to nurture their design career.

At the moment, Danny is mentoring a student from the University of the West of England. This is a bid to support her plans to turn her talent for textiles into a business.

Creative waffle – waffling designer helps budding creatives

Now Danny has teamed up with Mark Hirons. Mr Hirons founded the podcast Creative Waffle, which explores the world of graphic design. It busts a few myths and is particularly aimed at graphic designers new to the sector, or who are thinking of design as a career.

Danny is appearing in a fortnightly spinoff, called Creative Waffle Call-in. On that he chats to young designers, answering their questions about a career in graphics, and giving them tips on how to progress.

Danny & Co

Danny set up Danny&co. after a long career in financial services. He’d always wanted to be a designer, and design was his passion, but lack of encouragement at school meant he chose the ‘safer’ option of finance.

“It’s so important to nurture new talent and to let people know that they can have a great career in graphic design and branding. If I’d had that sort of encouragement I would have followed my dream a lot sooner,” said Danny. “I love Mark’s podcast, it’s informative and helpful. I got such a thrill when he asked me to take part.”

Creative Waffle helped Mark land his own dream job. He’s now a designer at Arsenal FC and it was launching the podcast that impressed the football club.

Mark said: “Danny is a great guy and it’s so helpful to have him take part in the Creative Waffle Call-in. We’ve recorded one so far and it went well. For each episode, we have myself, Danny and a different young creative, to talk through different issues. That way there’ll be plenty of variety.”

42 under 42

Later this year, Danny hopes to take on his first apprentice. Having already approached and asked young creatives to write their own job description for their dream job.

He’s named as one of the 42 Under 42. This is a prestigious accolade from Insider magazine.

Each year it identifies 42 up and coming entrepreneurs, all under the age of 42, as future business stars.

Waffling Designer helps budding creatives - Danny Matthews of Danny & Co

For more information about Danny&co. visit

Or email

To listen to Creative Waffle, download the podcast.