Swindon Town Gardens

Bandstand Town Gardens 2

April 2017 [jetpack_subscription_form] Swindon Town Gardens As I’ve mentioned on this blog more than once – Swindon is blessed with some wonderful green spaces.  The Swindon Town Gardens up in Old Town being just one of them. Read about some more of them here: https://swindonian.me/category/parks-and-open-spaces/ It’s taken me some times to get

Ten things to celebrate about Swindon No 4: The sculptures. E: The Wish Hounds

The Wish Hounds - sculpture of large black dogs

[jetpack_subscription_form] The Wish Hounds “And then he sought the dark-green lane, Whose willows mourn’d the faded year, Sighing (I heard the love-lorn swain), ‘Wishness! oh, wishness! walketh here.’” — The Wishful Swain of Devon. By POLWHELE. THE tradition of the Midnight Hunter and his headless hounds–always, in Cornwall, associated with

A rough guide to Swindon: The Magic Roundabout

Swindon magic roundabout road sign

[jetpack_subscription_form] The Magic Roundabout Swindon Dare you navigate yourself across the infamous & world-famous counter-flow ‘Magic-Roundabout’ – the ‘white-knuckle’ ride of traffic? You’d be forgiven for being perplexed at the notion of a traffic roundabout being of any interest to anyone other than traffic-system aficionados. But you couldn’t be more

10 things to celebrate about Swindon. No 1: parks & green spaces. B: Faringdon Road Park

Monday 23rd March 2015 – Update I’m always happy to concede that there are others out there whose knowledge of Swindon is far deeper and greater than mine – ‘proper’ historians with in-depth knowledge where mine has hidden shallows. So it’s been pointed out to me today by one such

Swindon’s Magic Roundabout | Swindon Viewpoint

Swindon’s Magic Roundabout | Swindon Viewpoint. Wow! I just came across this fabulous piece of film made in 2008 from Swindon Viewpoint about the Magic Roundabout which I recently blogged about. I absolutely love it. The disjointed, unsettling soundtrack is very clever. And it, the roundabout that is, inspired the XTC song. ‘English Roundabout’ How