Da Paolo’s: Simply Italian

Da Paolo’s: Simply Italian

May 2015


Shop Local in Swindon

In my AA Editorial Services capacity I’ve  been working with a client on web copy, press releases and marketing letters. My client’s business is called High Street Hero, the thrust of which is to give a superpower, or same-day delivery service, to independent retailers allowing them to offer a service that sets them apart on the high street.

When the client and I were working on the web copy we talked a lot about the whole shop local initiative and how it fits in with what he is trying to achieve.

Everyone wants a vibrant high street that is a place for socialising as well as shopping. But that doesn’t happen by magic. We all have the choice between using independent retailers and food outlets or the national and global ‘big -boys’. Sometimes one has to go to the ‘big-boys’ – but if we always do that then we’ve only ourselves to blame for high streets full of pound stores and charity shops.

And of course, in shopping locally you are supporting British entrepreneurs in all manner of ways. As this article in The Guardian says: ‘Artisan markets help foster the talents of the next generation of British designers and retailers. “[They] are hotbeds of innovation,” says Mike Cooksedge, founder of SeeMyLocalMarket. “There is a constant turnover of new products, and sellers listen to customers’ demands. If a certain pie filling is popular, for example, a pie company will respond to that and quickly supply more of them – and you can suggest things too, so you can even have a bit of influence over the products on sale.”


So of late I’ve been trying to shop locally myself where ever possible and use Swindon’s many independent coffee shops every chance I get. In recent months I’ve bought gifts from Catherine Jay and Pink & Green – two start-up artisan businesses in Swindon and even, to get to the main focus of this blog post – Da Paolo’s Eatalian delicatessen on Commercial Road in Swindon.

As well as being a lovely deli from where I purchase luscious olives and tasty cheeses among other things, they also serve the most delicious coffee and at a fantastic price – I visit quite a lot for that alone!



Dapaolo Simply Italian (Swindon)
Delicatessen and cafe: committed to quality and authenticity.
Gourmet: for those with great taste but too little time.
Fine wines: great wine you should be trying.
Hampers – Catering – Gift Vouchers – WE DELIVER
Open: 9:30 – 5:30 Monday to Saturdays – Closed Sundays
Tel: 01793 431420 Email:paolosdeli@yahoo.co.uk
www.dapaolosimplyitalian.co.uk – www.winehousecellars.co.uk

I’ve mentioned the place before in an overview post of Swindon’s coffee scene but doing the research on shopping locally prompted me to put this post together as Da Paolo’s is an embodiment of many of the espoused benefits of supporting independents.

When using an independent you get specialist knowledge of their goods and you get personal service and a relaxed shopping experience. And you can even have a coffee while you do it. This past Christmas I decided to purchase a hamper of Italian goodies as a gift for a friend. So, with delicious coffee in hand, together with Debbie (partner of Paolo) I selected an assortment of goodies to fit my budget. Then, shortly before Christmas, I collected my hamper all beautifully arranged and packaged with red ribbon. Now THAT’S what I call shopping.

“The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.”  ― Erma Bombeck

The odds of going into Paolo’s for a coffee and buying only a coffee are similarly slim!

One of the many benefits of shopping locally is that our custom enables the businesses that we patronise to support the community in which they are based in various ways.

Darkroom Espresso, one of Swindon’s fabulous independent coffee shops for example, supports local artists by holding exhibitions of their work. Da Paolo’s does what it can for charity. Its current charity of choice is Brighter Futures: http://www.gwh.nhs.uk/support-us/about-brighter-futures/ which which supports the staff, patients and families of Great Western Hospital and community health services across Wiltshire.  So if the fab coffee and the delicious Italian groceries are not good enough reasons in themselves to hot foot it to Da Paolo’s then this surely is?


Bites and Bottles

Bites and Bottles

May 2015

Food and drink are two things very close to my heart. Indeed I’ve written about my favourite coffee shops, restaurants etc on this blog. See more of that here: https://swindonian.me/category/eating-drinking-coffee-etc/

Thus I’m more than happy to give a shout-out to a new blog that is concerned with both those things: Bites & Bottles.  The owner of the blog is @ThomasLittleUK on Twitter and he is looking for appropriate contributions to it. TWITTER HANDLE FOR THE BLOG: @BitesnBottles

The content of the blog is not necessarily Swindon-focused but of course it can be – and when I send some contributions to it – then it will be! 🙂

But as the blog is ‘owned’ in Swindon and can be about Swindon eateries and drinkeries I reckon it merits a slot on Born again Swindonian. So below is some information from Thomas about his new blog. He’s absolutely right that great food and drink doesn’t necessarily have to be fine dining. That very sentiment is the ethos behind Eggelicious and E2. Indeed, painted on the wall in E2 is a quote that sums up this very notion: “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” (Paul Prudhomme) And, in the case of E2 and Eggelicious, never was a truer word spoken.

Bites and Bottles blog - picture from website

Bites and Bottles blog @BitesnBottles

Bites & Bottles is a brand new blog dedicated to everything food and drink. Great food and drink might come from fine dining or out the side of a van, it doesn’t need to have a label or price tag, what it does need to do is to pass the lips and deliver amazing flavours that you won’t forget in a hurry.


 Whether it’s world food, craft beer, fine wine or just a combination of food and drink that you would never have thought of, Bites & Bottles aims to cover it all. Glossy magazine and TV chefs are great at making people feel like they can’t cook or that certain ingredients only belong in pricey restaurants or are reserved for high days and holidays, Bites & Bottles is here to help dispel those assumptions. We’re actively looking for people to contribute to the blog on anything from restaurant reviews, recipes, articles on producers, photos and more! Just drop a line to: bitesnbottles@hotmail.com

 If you have something to submit please get in touch, if you love food and drink and want to know more or share what you’ve learned then Bites & Bottles is the place for you.’

Curry favour at Pappadams

Sunday 26th April 2015

It’s a funny old thing really. When I first came to Swindon – about twenty years ago – I used to bemoan the fact that eating choices here were largely limited to curry houses and Italian restaurants. In recent years that’s most certainly changed. Not only can Swindon proudly boast numerous independent coffee shops  there are some great independent restaurants too such as Rio – the Brazilian place – my favourite Eggelicious and my favourite curry house (so far), Rangoli.  And there are quite a few more worthy of your time and attention.

But to return to the subject of curry. My Indian born son-in-law has often complained about the lack of actual Indian restaurants – given that most curry houses in most places are actually Bangladeshi establishments. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Bangladeshi food. Heaven forfend! It’s perfectly delicious and I’ve eaten my body weight and more in it over the years. It’s just that it’s not Indian. So when we discovered Rangoli  – oh my – the smile on his face was wider than that of the Cheshire Cat. He was thrilled. And now in Swindon we have another restaurant of the actual Indian variety by the name of Pappadams down on Regent Circus – in what was La Dolce Vita.  I was fortunate enough to attend the official opening a few days back and below are a few photographs of the occasion. It was a sparkling event in every way. There was a drop or two of very nice Prosecco, (and failing the presence of Bollinger I like a drop of Prosecco), a trio of tiaras, and an MP of the town.  I’ve been trying to think of a good collective noun for the tiaras. A ‘glitter’ or a ‘shimmer’ perhaps? Madame Mayor was also present to cut the ribbon – the second time in a few days I’ve bumped into the lovely lady – the first being at the official opening of Bunny Pumpkins and the Emporium of Loveliness. I’m not following her – honest!

Anyway, I wish Pappadams every success and look forward to trying the place out ‘properly’ before too long.

Find your perfect blend @the Hub

Find your perfect blend @the Hub

Saturday 21st March 2015

@thehub – Fleet Street, Swindon

@the hub - cycles and coffee

@the hub – cycles and coffee

I recently published a post from and about the people @the Hub in the Swindon in Business section of this blog so there’s no need to say too much more about it.  So this post is by way of sharing a few more photographs of it as I popped in today for a coffee.

I love the sit-up-and-beg red bicycle. It’s a great colour and style. I can ride a bike – though haven’t done for years – but like confidence these days.

Born again Swindonian strikes a pose

Born again Swindonian strikes a pose! 🙂

A coffee shop with a twist, @The Hub you can watch sport on TV, drop your bike in for your repairs, pick up a puncture repair kit …. oh and have a coffee! It’s a place that’s full of beans!


Rangoli refreshed

Hello listeners. Here we are with an update in the blog section: https://swindonian.me/category/eating-drinking-coffee-etc/ that once more finds me currying flavour at Rangoli – d’you see what I did there?

It was back in October 2013 when I first posted about Rangoli – an Indian restaurant down on Groundwell Rd in Swindon.  That was my first visit to the place, I’ve been many times since and, indeed, have not been to another curry house in Swindon since – so great is my love! 🙂

So the purpose of this post is to refresh my Rangoli postings as the place itself has been refreshed. The menu has been extended somewhat and the place has been redecorated and piffed up a bit with new tables and chairs.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s now plush and cosy but it’s definitely much less like a canteen than it was. And anyway, to heck with the decor – the food is the thing and in Rangoli the food really is the thing – being actually Indian food as opposed to the Bengali food that one usually gets in curry houses. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Bengali food, it’s perfectly tasty –  it’s just that, it’s just that. Not Indian. The Indian Soul Tree wine (the website for Soul Tree)  served in Rangoli is also a plus point – it’s very quaffable, very palatable and very, very reasonable. What’s not to like?

I was in on a Monday night in a party of six and it was notable I think that, in a fairly busy place, ours were the only non-Asian faces. I venture to suggest that, that speaks volumes about the food in itself.

Between us we had a veritable banquet consisting of about seven items off the starter menu to share between us, then our mains and two bowls of rice, two bottles of Soul Tree wine and 2/3 beers all of which averaged out at £20 per head. Jolly good value I feel. In Arnie’s immortal words: “I’ll be back.”

I very nearly opted for the Railway Curry – a dish with a history (see below) that is kinda cool to be on the menu in a town with such a rich railway history but in the end opted for Chicken Saagwalla a dish which, as its name implies, had lots of spinach in it and was an equally first class nosh.

Railway Curry:

“…..is a direct throw back to the days of the British Raj, when travelling by train was considered aristocratic. This very popular and slightly spicy dish was served in Railway Refreshment Rooms and on long distance trains, with Bread or Dinner Rolls. The curry was not too spicy keeping in mind the delicate palates of the British. It was also popular with the Railway staff who had to be on duty for long periods at a stretch.

The story goes that an English army officer found himself ravishingly hungry during his journey. He followed his nose to the kitchen car where spicy mutton curry was simmering. He was offered a taste and burnt his tongue because of the spices. The helpful cook reduced the heat with some coconut milk and served it up. Since then it has become a staple on all First Class Compartments of the train as First Class Railway Mutton Curry.”

Pedal power in a cup @thehub

Pedal power in a cup @thehub

@the hub - cycles and coffee

@the hub – cycles and coffee

Hello listeners. Here’s the latest post in the Swindon in Business section of Born again Swindonian. This time we hear from three ex-IT people who have made the move from Java software to Java beans via Outset Swindon – those splendid facilitators of new businesses in Swindon.  Thanks to the help of the Outset team the hub team of Steve, Chris and Kerry have been able to create the perfect blend of cycles and coffee, bikes and beans in their new coffee shop on Fleet Street: @thehub where they offer a cycle shop for youngsters and adults and a bike repair clinic – oh and coffee of course.

As it says on their Twitter feed: “Whether you want a new bike, to fix or upgrade your bike or just want to meet with friends over a cup of excellent coffee, just call in for a warm welcome.”

Find them on Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/atthehubswindon and make contact in the Twittersphere: @thehubswindon

Their website: http://www.atthehub.co.uk/ – and read about them in the Swindon Advertiser.

So for all you cyclists out there this sounds like the place to be. Me personally? I prefer to keep my feet on terra firm and I have enough trouble with that as is evidenced the various losing arguments I have with pavements! 🙁 However,  though I haven’t as yet been in to sample the coffee I’ll do so soon. And I’ll probably blog about it too in this section of Born again Swindonian: https://swindonian.me/category/eating-drinking-coffee-etc/

Experience a professional, friendly service and taste great coffee in a unique environment new to Swindon.
Now – over to them:

“We are Steve, Chris and Kerry and @the hub is Swindon town centres first independent cycle cafe. We sell quality bicycles, parts and accessories and also service and repair. The shop also incorporates a quality coffee shop serving locally sourced snacks and sandwiches. Our aim is to  provide a place where people can meet in a relaxed and comfortable environment and have an opportunity to share passions in all things bike and beans (coffee) related.

 The three of us were colleagues at Zurich Insurance in excess of 10 years, and with over 60 years cumulative IT experience, who were then transferred to CSC when Zurich outsourced their IT to the global outsourcing company. From then it was just a matter of time until they off-shored our job roles. And indeed we we were made redundant at the beginning of 2014. 

 So at this point we decided to get out of the IT rat race and start our own business. We set about looking for opportunities in growth industries in sectors we were interested in, and decided a cycle cafe was the way forward. So here we are, a cycle cafe, keen to give a great service and grow our business.

We completed various courses provided by Outset, which gave us a great grounding (no pun intended) understanding, and self confidence, to progress our business idea into a feasible working model. All the staff members we came across very friendly, approachable and professional and they continued to give invaluable help and advice as we completed the courses and pushed forward with the business plan.
For three novices, we found many aspects of trying to get our business off the ground very challenging. We were self funding the entire project in an attempt to lower costs and this meant we had to control every step in the process.  Securing premises proved to be a very frustrating adventure, mostly due to estate agents and landlords seeming lack of interest and even getting a business bank account proved to be a long and painful process.
Outset helped us register and open the company, advised on recomended accountants and generally provided a shoulder to cry on when things weren’t going our way. As part of our 5 year plan, and as one of us is Welsh, we are aiming at a second store in Wales, probably around Newport.”