29th September 2017


The Core Juice Bar Swindon

 Core Juice Bar Swindon

Last weekend saw the 4th annual sausage and ale trail around Old Town. This is, it has to said, a rather splendid event.

It’s a great opportunity to undertake a gastronomic tour round the participating pubs, bars, coffee shops and stalls. It’s also great fun if you do it with friends – as I did. Cos then you can share lots of different burgers/bangers/fish stew etc. Even better. And that’s exactly what I did with my good mate Carole Bent and her friend Muriel. The photos below are Carole’s – she has a good eye for a photo I think. Unlike me.

From the Core’s website:

‘We serve delicious, fresh juices and smoothies that are made to order every time. All the ingredients are juiced and blended right in front of you, so you can be sure that the nutrient content is at its absolute peak for you to enjoy. For anyone not in the mood for juice, then we also have a wide variety of hot drinks, including: teas, herbal teas and freshly ground coffee.’

Kris talikowski founder of The Core

Kris Talikowski founder of The Core

Now I have to be honest here listeners and tell you that I would probably prefer to eat my own feet than embark on a juice programme. It’s really not for me. I have to confess to being a die hard meat eater. That said, committed carnivore that I am, I can be tempted by an occasional vegetarian or even vegan dish. And The Core has some delicious offerings in that department.

Only a few days ago I had a meeting in there over lunch time and enjoyed a rather delicious avocado on toast. Rather than being smashed, as is usual, it was arranged in beautiful slices and was tasty indeed.

For the sausage and ale trail this year The Core offered a vegetarian burger. Come on – that’s surely an oxymoron or a contradiction in terms at least? 🙂  From the Collins English Dictionary:

‘A burger is a flat round mass of minced meat or vegetables, which is fried and often eaten in a bread roll.’  As opposed to a resident of Hamburg that is …

Not that I’ve any clear idea of how else you’d describe such a beastie. A pattie perhaps?

Anyway, Be all that as it may – I have to say that it was totally scrumptious. So scrummy in fact that  I would love to have another one – all to myself this time! Who’d a thought it?

Here I am diving into it with some gusto and relish!

the core vegetarian burger

So, my personal reservations about juicing aside, there’s lots of epicurean attractions for me at The Core. And that’s nice!

Well done Kris and your team. The offerings at The Core are a great complement to the other other refreshment stops in both Old Town and the town centre. And YES – there’s some great food and great coffee down the hill too! #justsaying




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