Hello listeners. Welcome to the second post in my tour round Swindon in 50 Drinks.

Because I don’t want you all getting the idea that I’m ONLY interested in alcohol (almost but not quite) the subject of this post is that magic bean – coffee.

Now Swindon has more coffee shops than you can toss a finely ground Arabica bean at. Thus it’s no hardship to find coffee and coffee shops to talk about. There’s plenty of Costa outlets for sure. But Swindon finds herself also blessed with a good number of independent coffee shops – both in the town centre and in Old Town. But of course we all have our own favourite place to go. Love Brownies on Faringdon Road is one of mine.

Black Coffee

Black coffee and cannolo in DaPaolo's Italian deli, Swindon

Coffee and cannolo in DaPaolo’s – sadly no more. Paolo retired. Harrumph!


Cortado (from the Spanish cortar, known as “Tallat” in Catalan, “Pingo” or “Garoto” in Portugal and “noisette” in France) is an espresso “cut” with a small amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity.

The ratio of coffee to milk is between 1:1 – 1:2, and the milk is added after the espresso.

Flat White

flat white coffee at Baila in Swindon

A flat white at Baila coffee and vinyl on Victoria Rd, Swindon – sadly a victim of the pandemic I think?

According to the North Star roasters a flat white is: ‘an espresso-based coffee drink accompanied with steamed milk and microfoam.

This microfoam is made up of steamed milk which is gently infused with air. This results in silky, textured milk containing tiny air bubbles. Air bubbles should be barely visible to the coffee drinker when perfectly made. It traditionally comes in a small size only (5oz-6oz), much smaller than typical cappuccinos and lattes.’


History of Coffee

To find out more about the life and times of coffee see this guest post from Blog Frog about the history of coffee.

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