As I mentioned in my ‘About/blurb about  this blog’ page, I want to use my blog as a platform from which to expound on all the things I know about Swindon that I think are worth sharing. But that’s not all. I also want it to be a springboard to new discoveries. Well – this post is about exactly that – a discovery. This is all new to me and might be to you too.

I’ve been alerted to the existence of Swindon Viewpoint, currently celebrating 40 years of community television:

A few lines from their website can explain better than I what Swindon Viewpoint is all about: ‘Swindon Viewpoint is your focal point for the visual life and times of our area. You can come here to find out what’s happening now, but also what our town once looked like and how it has developed, what its people have thought and cared about; and the diversity of lifestyles and entertainments of the past as well as the present. You can use it to teach children our history, improve your own understanding, help older folk reminisce, or you can get up to date with events of the moment, or current debates, – and join in with these.’

I was intrigued to read on the website that Swindon Viewpoint is Britain’s original and longest standing community television service which began recording programmes in 1973.  Moreover, the oldest film on Swindon was made almost a century ago – with the most recent just this week.  How cool is that?

Hearing about this service underlines the whole point I am trying to make about Swindon via this blog: that there is so much more to it than meets the eye and that it can always surprise one as this has surprised and me.

 Swindon Viewpoint belongs to YOU in case you didn’t know. Don’t hesitate to get involved if there are programmes you want to see or you simply want to support free, accessible and accountable local media. The service is free, accessible and accountable to you, the people of Swindon.


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21st September 2013

Link magazine -Swindon Viewpoint

Swindon Link magazine article -Swindon Viewpoint

Swindon Link magazine have this month run an article about Swindon Viewpoint.

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