24th May 2014

Swindon Heritage Magazine Summer  2014

Swindon Heritage Magazine Summer 2014

This blog is just about a year old now and one of the first things I posted about was the Swindon Heritage magazine. It too is now over a year old so it’s a neat sort of  symmetry that  brings me to feature it again in another post. Today the wonderous people behind the magazine put on an event to launch the Summer 2014 issue with a display of old photographs and free cake. There’s not much that will induce me to step out of the house in pouring rain but cake is one of them.

Thus having enjoyed a coffee, scoffed some cake and had a look at the old photos – and isn’t there something so fascinating about looking at old photos? – I duly purchased a copy of the latest issue.  As I started to look through it I couldn’t resist a chuckle to myself as I saw how many of the subjects in this particular issue I have already blogged about. So now with tongue very firmly planted in cheek I’m going to suggest that where I have blazed a trail, Swindon Heritage magazine have followed in my most magnificent shadow! Not true of course. It’s all entirely co-incidental and their treatment of a subject is completely different to mine.  My blog posts are generally more of an overview – there’s no need for me go into exquisite detail about a thing when there are people like Frances and Graham, who are responsible for the magazine, and local history societies and Swindon Web et al – all of whom have tons of detailed information between them, about anything you care to mention I should think. But there’s most definitely a place for all. And that’s because there’s such a wealth of stuff  in and about Swindon to be written about in all manner of treatments and approaches.

So now to highlight for you some of the wonderful articles in this current issue that have also been mentioned here on Born again Swindonian albeit from different angles and in different styles:

1) Lydiard Park and House – featured heavily in the current magazine with several related stories.

2) The Museum of Computing –  A really splendid spread in the current issue about this lovely gem featuring Simon Webb and the Sinclair C5.

3) Industrial Swindon and the Spitfire – just a few days ago I published a post about the variety of industries that have and still do feature in Swindon in which I mentioned briefly the Spitfire – and lo behold the magazine features this most iconic of wartime aeroplanes and its connection with Swindon.

4) Swindon Viewpoint – this too was one of my very first posts on Born again Swindonian so another lovely bit of circularity to see an article featuring them in the magazine.

5) Let’s go Retro – Back in March Swndon put on the most fantastic retro and vintage weekend. I was so, so impressed by it and duly blogged about it of course. Here in the magazine Frances Bevan has written a retrospective of the event.

6) Swindon local and their fabulous Flickr collection have featured in this blog several times so it’s only fitting that, as custodians of much of Swindon’s archive material, they are featured in this current issue.

7) Old Town Gardens Little Big festival – Not long back I had a lovely guest post from Caroline Day, one of the leading lights of an artists group whose work is inspired by the gardens. In the magazine Graham Carter traces the history of the Town Gardens.

8) Swindon Town Gardens Bowls club – and last but not least the magazine has a snippet in it about the Swindon Town bowls club who I did a little post about after last year’s Mela.

And all of this, dear listener, is just a selection of what this packed magazine has to offer. If you’ve not looked at a copy before now then give it a go. It’s really great value for money. Other than that, very well done to the people who have driven the magazine and made it such a great success. They said it would never last. But it has and moreover it’s gone from strength to strength. Much like this blog really.

Happy reading!  🙂


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