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Secret Swindon book

My first ever book, Secret Swindon, published by Amberley Books July 2018

Read the story of how it happened here

Secret Swindon: the book


Swindon Advertiser article

Swindon Advertiser article

Read the Swindon Advertiser article seen above here.

Get a flavour of the book here: Secret Swindon flyer

Where can you get it?

Secret Swindon is available at:

  1. Swindon Central library in the library shop
  2. Waterstones Swindon
  3. W H Smith Swindon
  4. STEAM museum, Swindon
  5. It’s also on Amberley’s Amazon store which you can find here.
  6. And on Amberley’s own website here.

My author profile on Amberley

My author (check me out!) profile on the Amberley website is here.

What people have said about the book

Wiltshire and Swindon history centre:

‘ … Angela’s style is witty, snappy and easy to read, weaving information with a conversational tone reminiscent of her origins as a successful blogger.

The content is a lovely mix of old and new on a multitude of topics that goes to the heart of the character of the town. The images reflect the content and complement the text well. …’

Devizine – Angela’s Secret Swindon:

‘ … I thoroughly enjoyed this read, gaining knowledge of many aspects and artistic properties of Swindon I could’ve driven past and only causally pondered their history. From the wonderful mural on the side of the house near Lion Bridge, which I pass, like, but seldom aspire to seek any knowledge of its artist or background, to the thought process of the contemporary architecture which Swindon holds, with all its 1970s futurism; the Meccano-fashioned “Renault” building, or the curvaceous landmark David John Murray tower. All of these popular sites of Swindon are featured and detailed, with fascinating facts you never thought to ask about. And yeah, the Magic Roundabout is covered too! ..’

kim and jo reviews secret swindon

And a lovely blog post from Linda Kasmaty.

‘Swindon in 50 Buildings’ is coming in 2019. So, as they say, watch this space.