My Publications

My publications – four of them so far!

Three from Amberley Publishing and one from Hobnob Press.

In the short video below I give a brief outline of the content of Secret Swindon, Swindon in 50 Buildings and Swindon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide Book:

Secret Swindon book - my publications

Secret Swindon – this book was the first of my publications.

Published July 2018.

Find out more about Secret Swindon on Born again Swindonian here.

And on Amberley’s website here.

Swindon in 50 buildings - my publications

Published July 2019 from Amberley books.

Find out about the book here:
Swindon in 50 Buildings here.

My author profile on Amberley

My author (check me out!) profile on the Amberley website is here.

My Publications - covers of Secret Swindon, Swindon in 50 Buildings, Ken White, muralist and painter