Born Again Swindonian’s Guide Book

New book coming soon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide Book

Front and back cover of the forthcoming guide book

Yes! Coming soon is the Born Again Swindonian guide book with help from John Chandler of Hobnob Press.

I’n not sure when exactly – you’ll have to keep watching this space – but before too long I think.

The central thrust of this book is that of opening eyes, heart and mind to what’s around you. If I want to convey ONE thing with the book it’s this:

That EVEN IF a building, a piece of sculpture, a street, a park bench – whatever it might happen to be – is neglected etc – that doesn’t mean you can’t find beauty in it. That doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your attention and consideration. Because – chances are – it is. If you only really look!

A timely production

It’s a curious thing. I first had the idea for some sort of Swindon guide book when I was at uni a few years ago and played around with it a bit. But first Secret Swindon, then Swindon in 50 Buildings and the Ken White retrospective got in the way. So it’s been a while in the making. But here we are, in 2020 and caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The resulting lockdown has meant that, for many, we’ve had to stay close to home for for our exercise and fresh air. I’ve got to know more of West Swindon than ever before that’s for sure. And I know that, as life has slowed down, many of us have become so much more aware of our surroundings.

So this book and its strapline/hashtag – #LookdownLookaroundLookup have suddenly become more apposite than I could ever have imagined.

A Born Again Swindonian's Guide book

Thanks to Kate Parmaku for use of her photograph for the cover.

A different production

This book is a much different sort of production to my previous output. At its heart is urban exploration, quiz trails for children and walks and green spaces. To be brief about it.

I will also have photographs in it – mostly from Born Again Swindonian’s chief photographer, Chris Eley. And were that not joy enough, a number of gorgeous illustrated maps by the lovely, gorgeous, amazing Marilyn Trew.

Born Again Swindonian’s Guide Book launch

There’ll be one – most likely of the virtual kind. I’ll work details of that out as we get it and update this page.

I’ll also post on my Facebook page and Instagram feed so watch those too.