Going Wild for the Swindon Wildcats

Business Village and the Swindon Wildcats ice hockey team

6th April 2017 Going Wild for the Swindon Wildcats: a purrfectly good evening https://www.facebook.com/swindon.wildcats/ Twitter: @SwinWildcats Well! Here’s a how-do-you do listeners! A post in the ‘This sporting life’ section of the blog. And, even more bizarrely, written by moi. Who’d a thunk it? I put that category on the blog

Golf Fore All

Broome Manor driving range

9th April 2016 Straight down the middle Now Mark Twain famously referred to golf as a ‘good walk spoiled’. I’m not entirely in disagreement I won’t lie. Golf is in fact surrounded by quips and quotes and here’s a couple more of my faves: “Hockey is a sport for white

Sporting Swindon

Sunday May 18th 2014 Here’s a guest post from Thomas Little – thank you Thomas. It’s an interesting consideration on the value of sport generally and also the diversity of sporting facilities and activities Swindonian’s can enjoy. For the moment anyway. Thomas’ comment about the successful sports people with Swindon