Jamie Martin: The Anomaly Crystal

Jamie Martin: The Anomaly Crystal

I’ve already had the pleasure to feature Lis McDermott, in her authorial capacity, in this Made in Wiltshire section of Born again Swindonian. And in this post, it’s my delight to feature Jamie Martin and his novel, The Anomaly Crystal.

Despite the fact that I’ve now got three non-fiction books, and this blog, well and truly under my belt, I am in awe of anyone that can write fiction. I have neither the imagination nor the staying power for that. And I’m not ‘just saying’ that. I know my limitations and fiction writing is it.

About Jamie’s Book – ISBN: 978-1-4990-9428-2

The Anomaly Crystal is described as an action-packed, science fiction, fantasy war story. This epic tale spans 200 years and is spun from the gripping issues of ancient sorcery and armed conflict upon a mysterious planet. 

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, you’ll find an extract on Google books here: http://bit.ly/1FuRVHD

Says Jamie about his book

Say’s Jamie about his book: ‘I drew my inspiration for this novel from my own interest in the science fiction and fantasy genre – one that I enjoy a great deal in both film and book form.

I wanted to create my own story within the genre for others with the same interests. Besides which, I’d long harboured an ambition to write a book. That motivation and my passion sustained me the three years or so that it took for me to complete The Anomaly Crystal. You see what I mean about needing stickability?

The Anomaly Crystal is the first in a series. The novel’s storyline spans a period of approximately 200 years. It features a great war between the humans and a creature race that live upon a mysterious planet. Within this timeframe, a supernatural artefact called ‘the anomaly crystal‘ that releases elemental magic was created to affect the outcome of this war.’

Jamie Martin: The Anomaly Crystal - book cover

See a trailer for the novel here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Nn_inO4Nkr8

The book is available in paperback and also in audio book form here on Xlibris.Com They say about the book:

‘The outcome from a destined great war between humans and creatures will be decided by the courage and emotions of a few honourable and worthy individuals. Raven is the last blood line descendent from the greatest wizard known as Grackle, and he has found himself living in a time of endless uncertainty, magic and sorcery between the humans and a terrifying creature race residing upon the mysterious Planet of Phoenix. Significant emotional elements, bravery, hatred and love are the fundamental factors for either the humans or the creatures surviving existence during this epic adventure.’

Where to buy Jamie’s Book

To order a copy of this novel, please see links below. Otherwise contact Jamie directly to receive a copy:



Jamie and the book on social media

Jamie has a Facebook page for the book here: https://www.facebook.com/theanomalycrystal

Correct Careers Coaching

To check Jamie out in his other life as Correct Career’s Coaching you can find that here.

Should you want to contact Jamie directly about his book you’ll find him on 07599 332178 and on Jamie@correctcareerscoaching.com

Happy reading!

3D Printing – SED Developments

3D Printing – SED Developments

3D Printing: it’s older than you think

It might surprise you to know that 3D printing has been around since the 1980s. Yet it’s only been in recent years that the technology developed to the point where it allowed printing on a small scale. And with that, the explosion of 3D Printing into the home began. 

See also this post, Additive Manufacturing and how it all began.

What does this mean for you?

It means that we, as SED Developments, can offer you a 3D printing design service that works for you. The only limits on what we can design is that of your imagination. The free reign of creativity allowed by 3D printing has led us to creating, amongst other things:

  • Diddy dog-bone-shaped zip pulls for Hannah Dosanjh wash bags
  • A remote-controlled, model snow plough
  • Personalized key rings
  • Models of the Eiffel Tower 
  • And a badge for a 1930s vintage Vauxhall car – where it wasn’t possible to recreate the badge

    You have only to ask us. But, if you have a 3D printer tucked away at home that you’re not using to best advantage, we can help you produce designs so you can get it working for you.

Cookie cutters and more

Here at SED Developments we love baking. Our baked goods taste fab but aren’t, we’re happy to admit –not the prettiest. That’s why we provide the tools for all you talented creatives out there to do what you’re good at it.

We love design and innovation so there’s no run-of-the-mill, bog standard cookie cutters here. Oh no. Hence, we have a cow face (it’s moos to us too!), a poo emoji, a Christmas jumper and an outline of Africa. To name but some. 

In fact, we’ve got dozens of designs for every occasion. You can see a mere few of them in the gallery below and the rest are in our Ebay shop.

And we’ll create a cookie cutter just for you… send us a silhouette or outline of your desired shape (royalty free of course!) and we’ll print your cookie cutter.

Let’s create with SED Developments 3D Printing

So, if you have a cookie cutter design you want customising, or a creation you want either printing or designing, then let’s have a chat. Contact us on 01793 705380 or email us at jo@sed-developments.co.uk. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram, catch us there.

Pink & Green Pop Up Shop

Pink & Green Pop Up Shop

Pink & Green Pop-Up Shop in Cheltenham’s Molton Brown store

This is lovely news from one of my favourite Swindon business Pink & Green. Later this month (September 2019) they are having a pop-shop event in Cheltenham’s branch of Molton Brown.

To explain: Some months ago now, on the networking circuit, Pink&Green met Sali Green, owner of the Iwork4UGlocs business directory. As they got to know Sali, they and their Pink&Green products, helped her with a skin condition.

Top: Before and after pictures of Sali Green. Bottom: Pink and Green One Balm.

Sali was so super delighted by the results that she felt inspired to start her own skincare range – with a little help from our friends at Pink&Green. In the end though, Sali decided she simply had not the time to give it the promotion it needed so decided instead to promote her skin rescuers.

Out of that promotion and support arose this exciting opportunity with Molton Brown to have a pop-up shop in their store on Cheltenham’s swish Promenade shopping area.

Molton Brown and their Pop-Up Shop Policy

Molton Brown – or this store at least – have a strategy of creating points of interest each week to draw people into the store. So, instead of being more or less unchanging week in and week out they create a sense of ‘Ooooh. What’s all that then?’ to shoppers rather than ‘Yep-seen that. Got that.’ Which is, if think about, rather insightful and enlightened.

They offer a generous amount of space in their store for local and/or artisan companies to display and promote their products. They’ve found this to be an arrangement of mutual benefit both to them and to the pop-up businesses. 

So, since Molton Brown don’t do facial skincare Sali suggested her friends at Pink&Green. Molton Brown then did what you’d expect them to do and checked them out on social media and the rest. Satisfied with what they found they decided they’d be happy to have the brand in their store.

The next stage then was for Pink&Green to meet up with their manager and assistant manager – Alison and Megan respectively – to discuss the idea.

The Outcome?

On 28th September 11 am to 4pm there’s a Pink and Green Pop-up Shop event in the Cheltenham Branch of Molton Brown.

Visit the store and enjoy an express facial with Lisa Maria, an ambassador for the brand. Enjoy a glass of fizz and enter a free raffle to win a Mandarin Cleanser and Frankincense moisturiser in a cotton drawstring bag. Plus, you’ll have the chance to sample their latest product: Hydrate and Renew Gel.

Read about the Pink&Green ethos here on their website. And explore their full facial skincare range here.

Cheeky Little Prints is 10!

Cheeky Little Prints is 10!

The woman behind local pet keepsake & personalised gift company celebrates 10th anniversary 

Cheeky Little Prints is 10!
Cheeky Little Prints founder Lisa Berry is thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her Swindon-based business. Lisa’s business specializes in personalised paw print jewellery alongside bespoke paw print gifts and keepsakes. 

In April 2009 Lisa, then aged 26, who lives in the Covingham area of Swindon took the plunge to launch the company from home. A trained veterinary nurse, she has, as you’d expect, a love of animals.

Lisa set up shop on her kitchen table, working on customer orders, while her children were asleep in bed.

Says Lisa: ‘working with people and their pets I got to see first hand just how much we love our furry friends – myself included. Whenever one passed, the pain and loss suffered really brought home just how much they meant to their owners. That’s why I came up with the idea of creating these very special mementoes.’

Print Kits for Pet Owners

Cheeky Little Prints became one of the first businesses in the UK to make print kits for pet owners to use to put their own pets’ paw prints on paper themselves.

‘Over the last decade the business has evolved and really taken off. Just as parents love to capture their children, animal lovers also want to see their pets in personalised items especially paw prints.’

Today, Lisa continues to run her web-based business from her home office in Swindon, yet customer orders come in from all over the world, including the US. What has taken Lisa by surprise is the personal contact pet owners want. 

‘Every order has a special story behind it and my customers love to share their paw print stories with me. It’s why I’m also launching a gallery on social media and on my website allowing customers the opportunity to show the mementoes they’ve created and to share their pets’ stories.’

‘After ten years of building the business and running it alongside my family I’ve now got a good idea about what clients love. It’s why we’ll be expanding the business in the next few months.’

Lisa is also a voice for single parents in business. She faced the personal challenge of going through a divorce while her business was starting out and is now a member of the national organisation Single Mums Business Network.

Now she supports other entrepreneurs facing similar situations. 

For more information on Cheeky Little Prints visit:  https://cheekylittleprints.co.uk and find Lisa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheekylittleprintsandgifts/

Open Dawes Training opens new office door

Open Dawes Training opens new office door

Relocation marks new era for growing Swindon training company

Swindon-based Open Dawes Training Ltd has moved to smart new offices, as business flows in for the presentation, public speaking and media training company.

Open Dawes Training, which offers CPD accredited training for organisations and individuals, has relocated to Nexus Business Centre’s serviced offices in Swindon. The business moved from Gemini House at Groundwell Industrial Estate.

Open Dawes Training - Chris Dawes

The company’s founder and Managing Director Chris Dawes, who has a second career as a motor sports commentator, said the new venue better reflected the nature and growth of the training business and its clientele.

Location, Location, Location

“We loved being in Gemini House, as our first office for the media side of Chris Dawes Comms. But the facilities at Nexus are great, and it’s an excellent venue to bring our clients when we are delivering one-to-one training.”

Open Dawes trains groups or individuals, either inhouse or at its head office training centre at Nexus, in Cheney Manor. Its clients range from accountants and insurance companies, to public sector and charities, and professional sports people/management.

Chris is also developing an online training service, and has already coached a young Australian racing driver based in Brisbane, in presentation and public speaking skills.

Earlier this year, the company was recognised by BBC Dragons’ Den’s former dragon Theo Paphitis, and invited to become one of an elite group of small businesses in the entrepreneur’s Small Business Sunday network.

In January, Chris – a regular commentator at motor sports venues across the UK and in Europe – was runner-up in the Commentator of the Year annual awards run by Motorsport Media, which broadcasts Motorsport Radio and online live visual broadcasts.

“Both sides of my business – Open Dawes Training and Chris Dawes Comms – are doing really well. Open Dawes Training in particular has really taken off and has now overtaken the media side. The commentating, voiceover, TV/radio presenting, and live event hosting business will become a sub-brand of Open Dawes.”

For information visit https://www.opendawestraining.co.uk/, call 01793 238259 or email enquiries@opendawestraining.co.uk.

Intelligent Dialogue

Intelligent Dialogue

IMHO, Intelligent Dialogue is a rather good name for a business that does what this Wiltshire-based business does do: training and coaching. And more of that soon. 

But first let’s have a little look at the words that comprise this business’ name. Humour me – I did an English degree not long back – so I rather like a word! And there is a point to it – as I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to see. 

The mass noun, intelligence, is late Middle English, via Old French from the Latin Intelligentia. That in turn comes from intelligere – meaning understand.  Intelligence then is an ability to get and put to good use, knowledge and skills. Besides that, as well as being something we have (or not), intelligence is something we get when we gather political or military information. 

Moving on to dialogue– one definition/application of the word is that of a discussion between two or more people or groups. In particular where it involves exploring of a certain subject or problem resolution.

You see now why this is such a great name for a training deliverer? ‘Yes, I do. Tell me more about them!’ I hear you cry.

Who are they and where are they?

The MD of Intelligent Dialogue, Diane Banister and her training team are new kids on the block. 

By which I mean new(ish) to the Swindon/Wiltshire area – (Royal Wootton Bassett to be precise) and not new to their field. Nothing could be further from the truth there.

Indeed, they have well over twenty-five years’ experience in helping their clients to achieve tangible results from the training they deliver. 

Intelligent Dialogue training room ready for delegates

If you’re in the business of wanting to grow your business and need help with the following then you’re reading the right blog post:

  • Developing your sales team
  • Developing the quality of the telephone conversations you have with your customers
  • Developing your customer experience
  • Developing your team leaders and managers
  • Developing your future managers and leaders

‘Okay, so they’re experienced and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Well so have plenty of other coaching deliverers. Why should I choose them over the Terrific Training Delivery Company that I’ve used before?’

That’s a good and fair question. One which I’ll try to answer.

Why choose Intelligent Dialogue training and coaching for your training needs?

Well there’s the years of practice they’ve had between them for a start. They’ve walked the walk and talked the talk. And I know that’s a cliché – but that’s because it’s true. That’s how clichés form. 

The people at Intelligent Dialogue have first-hand, hands-on experience of sales, of management, of call centres and of customer service. In short: they’re training you in what theyknow. That’s not always the case with trainers – there are some who work from a generic written training programme. 

That expertise makes them credible. And with credibility comes faster participant buy-in. And buy-in brings faster results.

Tailored Training

What’s more, Intelligent Dialogue work with you and your specific outcomes in mind. What that means to you is this: 

They deliver a training course or a development programme that helps its participants build the skills and confidence they need to support your business. And that’s another thing that helps you achieve your ROI in the training. 

Be In Tune with Intelligent Dialogue

Let’s assume now that you’ve seen enough to think ‘Yes! I’d love to use these people in my business. I’m sure they’d be great at meeting my customer service training needs but …’ The BUT being that you don’t have the budget. Well never fear, the Intelligent Dialogue, In Tune downloadable training materials are here.

Armed with these easy-to-use materials* you can run your own customer service training.

*Available in US English or British English packs.

You can download a free sample from the website before you commit yourself to buying. And there’s a whole range of materials to choose from. Buy them either as discrete units or as a complete In Tune training package. Either way you won’t hit a bum note. 

Prices range from £150 + VAT for the In Tune with Extraordinary Service unit to £950 + VAT for the full package.  

three people on an intelligent dialogue training course

What do their clients say?

Another good and fair question. Why should you take my word for it?

Well, you don’t need to because there’s a whole heap of super testimonials here on their website. And a funky illustrated one plucked from their Twitter stream:

Intelligent dialogue testimonial taken from Twitter

 By now your interest is surely piqued? In which case the next thing to do is get in touch with the ID team here.

If you’re social media minded and you’d like to check out their social media platforms you’ll find them on 
Twitter and LinkedIn.  And, of course, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intelligentdialogue/

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