SWINDON CABLE ARCHIVE – The History of Community Television in Swindon on Vimeo

Just saw this on Twitter and thought it needed to be shared.  Of course I’ve blogged about our amazing Swindon Viewpoint once or twice on this blog. http://about.me/markkeen – for Swindon cable archives. SWINDON CABLE ARCHIVE – The History of Community Television in Swindon on Vimeo on Vimeo via SWINDON CABLE ARCHIVE –

Swindon Old Town Gardens Bowls club

14/09/2013 I’m just doing a quick post about the Swindon Town Gardens Bowls club  because until today I had no idea they existed. I swear to Heaven they’ve been doing a ‘Brigadoon’ and shrouding themselves in a mist only to appear once in a while, because I’ve been to the Town Gardens

Jon Ratcliffe’s Blog: urban regeneration & infrastructure projects

Jon is a  Swindon-based professional photographer of architecture, portraits & landscapes. Currently he is photographing long-term urban regeneration & infrastructure projects. His blog features, amongst other things, Interesting Swindon based photographs, including this one of a mural on Alexandra Road. Jon is currently studying for a Foundation Degree in Professional Photography through

Swindon: The world capital of poetry

Roundabout poetry sign

Update: 28th June 2016 [jetpack_subscription_form] From Domestic Cherry: http://domesticcherry.blogspot.co.uk/p/poetry-capital.html:    SWINDON: POETRY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! Swindon is twinned with Ocotal but it is also tenuously half-rhymed with Chicago. Swindon is challenging global poetry inequality. Swindon Zoo contains the last known thesaurus in captivity. All our pavements rhyme. There is irony