▶ ▶-xtc-play-at-home-c4-1984-part-13-youtube – backdrop of Swindon & Ken White murals

Swindon band XTC: Not being any sort of a pop-music buff I had scanty recollection of XTC – though I do remember enjoying the song ‘Making plans for Nigel’ but didn’t, until now, make the connection between the song and the band.  So that’s something else I’ve learned. “XTC were a new

Richard Jefferies – Swindon born writer of ‘Post-apocalyptic fiction’ – amongst other things…

The Richard Jefferies museum at Coate is yet another one of those things/places I’ve always been meaning to do but have never got round to. I confess I knew little or nothing about him other than that he was, in his day, a well-known writer from Swindon. Which is a bit

Remembering the days of our glorious murals (From Swindon Advertiser)

Tuesday 17th September Remembering the days of our glorious murals (From Swindon Advertiser). Here’s a lovely article by Barry Leighton in today’s Swindon Advertiser reminiscing about the glory days of Swindon’s murals. I’ve written about Ken White myself on this blog. As Barry notes in his article, many of these

10 things to celebrate about Swindon. No 5: Ken White – Swindon’s mural man

Sunday 1st March – update with link to blog post from Creative Wiltshire: https://creativewiltshire.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/swindons-artistic-hammerman/comment-page-1/#comment-1 A nice blog post about Ken from Creative Wiltshire that has a good picture, courtesy of Swindon Libraries, of one of Ken’s sadly now long-gone murals.  Ken, as they say, like Alfred Williams – the Hammerman poet, before

West Swindon sculpture walk – Part 1 – Diana Dors

Public art in Swindon: Diana Dors Right then, hands up. Who knew there was such an entity as the West Swindon sculpture walk? No? Me neither. I only discovered it when rooting about the interweb for info for this blog. In the course of my research I came across this information

Ten things to celebrate about Swindon No 4: The sculptures. B – ‘Diana Dors’

Diana Dors silhouette - sculpture diana dors

Public art in Swindon: Diana Dors Sculpture of Diana Dors Here’s a map of the entire West Swindon Sculpture trail: https://swindonian.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/The-Sculpture-Tour-West-Swindon.pdf Via this blog I’m intending to do a tour of the many sculptures that Swindon is home to.  Number 2 (B) in the series, this post features Britain’s own blonde bombshell,