2nd May 2024

As the title, Swindon Writing III, of this post suggests, there also exists Swindon Writing and Swindon Writing II. All of which, I’m pretty sure, have escaped my notice. And that’s my bad!

Well that is until, earlier this week, I attended the launch of the eponymous volume with my chum, Lis McDermot. It just so happens that Lis is a contributor to this third volume.

 Front cover of Swindon Writing III
Front cover of Swindon Writing III
All three Swindon Writing books

All three of these books are showcases of the work of local writers and are an Artswords project.

An eclectic collection

All three of these volumes represent a literary pick-‘n’-mix of poems and short stories. And they’re all interspersed with the photographs and drawings and paintings of Swindonians. They’re lovely things to dip in and out of. I always think one has to commit to a novel. Where these volumes are ideal for stuffing in your bag for a train or bus journey that might be just long enough to enjoy one or two of the pieces.

The above aside, and in all honesty, I have nothing more/different/better to add to the words of Eleanor Barker-White, author of My Name Was Eden. She said:

‘What better way to celebrate Swindon, our glorious town of open spaces, steam and magic, than by showcasing some of the talents of local writers? A thriving community of creative minds?

From our vibrant libraries to the compellingly diverse Artswords literary delights, this collection is a refection of Swindon and all those who live here. It will surprise you. And it may make you laugh or cry – and – hopefully – will inspire you too.’

Having had a dip into the latest volume I can concur it does all that.

The back cover of Swindon Writing III
The back cover of Swindon Writing III

About Artswords

Artwords is a programme of literature development activities. It partners with Arts Council England and Lower Shaw Farm in West Swindon. It works with readers and writers in Swindon and its environs and helps the town to a place of good reading and creative writing.

Explore the Artswords blogspot here: https://artswordsswindon.blogspot.com/p/latest-news.html


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