1st March 2024

Oscar Wilde – sort of! What do I mean by that? Well, what I mean is a performance of Oscar Wilde’s, The Importance of Being Earnest – but as you’ve never seen it before.

Last night, at the Wyvern Theatre, I saw the Say It Again, Sorry? theatre company present their anarchic version of this much-loved play. And it’s very, very funny!

Oscar Wilde - sort of! - the importance of being Earnest flyer - picture of the cast
Oscar Wilde – sort of!

As their flyer says:

‘You might think you know this chaotic story of love, mistaken identity and double lives. But you’ve never seen it like this before. Filled with Wildean wit and bursting with Bunburying, join us for a hilarious and unpredictable twist on the world’s favourite comedy classic.’

Oscar Wilde - sort of! - leaflet with reviews

The basic premise of this show is that a troupe of actors begin to perform Oscar’s famous play – but it goes wrong at once when Ernest misses his cue. Cue audience involvement. And if you think avoiding the front row will save you – it won’t!

This is an interactive show, it’s a clever bit of comedic theatre – the actual actors have to bounce off and work with the audience members they’ve got on stage – and they can’t know what they’re going to get. And they’l get different with each performance. As will the audience.

I won’t lie – I spent a lot of the time wondering if it was all a set-up. But apparently not!

It’s an exceedingly entertaining show. There’s a performance this afternoon and again this evening. There are tickets available so if you can -do!

Book here: https://trafalgartickets.com/wyvern-theatre-swindon/en-GB/event/play/the-importance-of-being-earnest-tickets

Angela Atkinson with a couple of the cast members
Angela Atkinson with a couple of the cast members

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