21st Feb 2024

Swindon Clinic Supporting Athletes. Athletes who want to up their game are being offered free care. From who? From Federation of Small Business members, Swindon-based musculoskeletal care clinic Kube Medical.

The clinic specialises in chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports therapy. They’re looking to sponsor three sportspeople from the Swindon area. The aim being to help them on their journey to professional or international success.


The team has worked in a broad range of disciplines including:

  • Triathletes
  • Bodybuilders
  • Professional footballers
  • Gymnasts and motocross riders.

Kube Medical clinicians can help athletes who are recovering from injury, or who need support through their gruelling training regimes.

‘Our team uses advanced therapy technologies and a holistic approach to help sportspeople achieve optimal health and performance,’ said Patrick Campbell. Patrick is the non-clinical director at the Cheney Manor-based clinic.*

‘Now we’re looking to sponsor three aspiring able-bodied and disabled athletes. They need determination to compete at professional or international levels. Also to have shown promise and progress in their respective sports.’

What’s on offer

Sponsored athletes will receive complimentary access to the clinic’s team of:

  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists, and sports therapists. All of whom have full commitment to their health and success.

One athlete supported by the team at Kube Medical is Team GB triathlete Nathan Morgan. Said Nathan, ‘working with Kube Medical was a game-changer for my triathlon performance.

Team GB triathlete Nathan Morgan outside Kube Medical's clinic at Nexus Business Centre, Swindon - Swindon clinic supports athletes
Team GB triathlete Nathan Morgan outside Kube Medical’s clinic at Nexus Business Centre, Swindon – Swindon Clinic Supporting Athletes

Their expert team helped me achieve optimum biomechanical efficiency. And that ensured every movement was precise and powerful. ‘They also assisted in perfecting my bike fit. And that made a significant difference in my comfort and speed.

‘With their support, I not only improved my performance across all three disciplines but also secured a top five finish in my age group at the European Aquabike Championships.

‘Treatment has allowed me to continue training and has supported me with advice when I need it. Kube Medical goes beyond traditional care; they empower athletes to surpass their goals.’

Another, British Motocross championship competitor Domonic Newbury, said: ‘competing in motocross demands everything from you, physically and mentally.

‘After a nasty fall that dislocated my shoulder and AC joint, I thought my season was over. Thanks to Kube Medical, I was back on my bike in a mere twenty-seven days.

Personal plan

Their multidisciplinary team crafted a personalised recovery plan. The plan not only healed my injuries but also strengthened my body to prevent future issues.

Kube medical gave unparalleled expertise, care and support. ‘ They’re more than health professionals. They’re miracle workers. They understand what athletes need to get back to doing what they love.’

You must get your appplication in by Sunday, March 10. Full details are available at https://www.kubemedical.co.uk/news/join-team-kube

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