31st January 2024

Swindon charities put spotlight on mental health for national Time To Talk Day. Tell us what you mean’ is the message from a group of Swindon charities, coming together on Thursday 1st February to mark national Time to Talk Day.

Time to Talk Day is an event that aims to get people talking about mental health and wellbeing. And to be honest and open about how they feel.

Swindon Wellbeing are coordinating activities in the Swindon area. That’s a network of local organisations focused on helping people with their mental health and wellbeing.

Events across Swindon will encourage people to talk, listen and change lives. Swindon Hub in the town centre will host a pop-up run by Swindon & Gloucestershire Mind. It’ll provide information and a welcome place to relax and talk.

Hazel Howe, CEO, Swindon & Gloucestershire Mind, said: ‘The path to mental health transformation remains extensive. It’s underscoring the importance of ensuring people receive timely support for their mental well-being. Time to Talk Day serves as a poignant reminder of the vital work mental health providers undertake to address these challenges from the outset.

The more we talk about mental health, the better life is for us all’ she said.

People can struggle to find the right time or place to talk about mental health. So Time to Talk Day is asking people to have a conversation wherever they are:

  • At home,
  • At school
  • Or even at the top of a mountain.

Involvement for all

‘We want to encourage everyone one to get involved and get talking’, said Jol Rose from Voluntary Action Swindon, one of the campaign organisers. ‘We all have mental health so it’s something for everyone.’

It's Time to Talk Day - Jol Rose
Jol Rose

You can contact Swindon Wellbeing via their website www.swindon-wellbeing.org

Or on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X ( also known as Twitter). More information and resources for this event are at https://timetotalkday.co.uk

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