8 January 2023

PR Expert Launches YouTube Channel. PR expert Fiona Scott, whose Swindon-based company Scott Media helps clients gain local, national and international media coverage, has launched a YouTube channel. And it’s all about PR, the media and small business.

Called ‘Reel PR with Fiona Scott’, (see what she did there???) the live monthly broadcast aims to build on Fiona’s successful podcast, ‘PR Not BS With Fiona Scott.’ Reel PR is being produced in collaboration with Swindon-based Visual PR. They specialise in creating talk show style, interactive programmes, broadcasting on YouTube and Facebook.

PR Expert Launches YouTube Channel - Fiona Scott and Chris Dawes
PR Expert Launches YouTube Channel – Fiona Scott and Chris Dawes

‘After the success of my podcast it seemed obvious to translate this into a YouTube channel,’ said Fiona. Fiona’s career began in journalism over thirty-five years ago and has spanned newspapers and television.

‘The chat show style suits me, with my broadcast background. And it’s another way of being visible while doing something I enjoy. It means I can share interesting people stories to an even bigger, global audience.’


Fiona’s podcast launched two years ago and has had almost 3,500 downloads. Its audience is, in the main, UK based. But there is a significant number tuning in from Europe and North America. South Africa and Asia form the next biggest audience.

Reel PR will capitalise on this international popularity by placing a focus on media, PR, marketing and general advice for businesses or people who trade across borders, whether they sell products or services.

The first edition of Reel PR featured Fiona chatting to Visual PR’s founder Chris Dawes. But future editions will also include guests such as journalists, Scott Media clients, and other experts who’ll share their stories, expertise and tips.

Fiona said: ‘We’ll talk a lot about PR, of course, but it will have a more global, world view. My first guest will be John Boitnott. He’s a financial journalist based in San Francisco. And I’ll also interview some of my clients who trade across borders or have a more global outlook.’

The show’s target audience is small businesses worldwide, which, even though they operate in different areas, will have similar issues and challenges.

‘It’s also a platform to showcase some of my clients who run businesses which cross borders. Some may even want to start their own YouTube channels, with Visual PR’s help, because that will also build their visibility.’

You can see the next edition of Reel PR on February 9 at 3pm GMT. To watch, or catch up later, visit https://www.youtube.com/@reelprwithfionascott

For more about Fiona and Scott Media, visit https://scottmedia.uk/

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