16th November 2023

The Social Scaffolding art collective is exhibiting immersive, interactive and participatory art in Swindon, at the outlet centre. Strikes me as great way to put an empty unit to good use.

Their Outlet Centre (unit 9) exhibition is open to the public to drop in from:
11th November – 26th November between 12pm and 5pm. They’re there from Wednesday – Sunday.

The Social Scaffolding art group is exhibiting immersive, interactive and participatory art in Swindon.
Their Outlet Centre (unit 9) exhibition is open to the public to drop in from 11th November - 26th November, 12pm - 5pm, Wednesday - Sunday.
Social Scaffolding art collective in unit 9 in the outlet centre

They’re also offering free group sessions. You can book them during public open hours or for private sessions on weekday mornings (Wednesday- Friday). 

The group aims to promote wellbeing through creativity, connection and conversation. And they do it in a friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment. The sessions are suitable for both crafters and non-crafters alike. Research shows that creativity is good for us and that it can improve mental health. They say: ‘We often find that working together side by side enables participants to talk freely about things on their minds.’

You can find them in the ether on their website here. And on Instagram at @social.scaffolding.artists

Social scaffolding art collective

About the collective

From their website: ‘Working as a collective provides artists with opportunities for professional development and mutual support so together we can work more effectively with our audiences. We aim for our work to be accessible for all ages & abilities.

The Social Scaffolding collective is formed by three emerging artists, Lou Baker, Juliet Duckworth, and Alyson Minkley. We’re all recent graduates of Bath Spa University. We’re also residents of Emerge, the graduate incubation programme, supported by the University Careers Team.

Pop-up venues attracted non-traditional audiences from passers-by, widening arts participation. Their tour increased footfall in empty high streets, a catalyst for regeneration. In their pilots they invited sessions for targeted community groups. And young people complemented an open-door policy, enabling a wide range of visitors to be creative, embodying their stories and feelings in the artworks.

The social scaffolding flyer
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