9th November 2023

Swindon’s Heritage Public Event

Swindon Borough Council invites you to attend a public event about Swindon’s heritage and plans for its future. 

Cllr Jim Robbins, the leader of Swindon Borough Council and the Cabinet member for heritage, arts and culture, Cllr Marina Strinkovsky will host the event. From it they’ll launch a wider consultation to inform the Council’s future heritage strategy.

Swindon's Heritage Public Event

When, where, etc

When: 6pm on Monday 27 November 2023

Where: UTC Swindon on Bristol Street, SN1 5ET

Transport: Bus services 1, 19, 22, 5, 10, 55 drop off on Bristol Street.  You can park in the Bristol Street carpark.

To help the council plan for the event please register your intention to attend here: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/55RC4K/

Worth noting:

In the words of Graham Carter:

For 20 years, Swindon Borough Councillors implemented a ‘We know best’ attitude towards Swindon’s heritage and culture, while trying to convince us that such things are liabilities, not assets and opportunities.

They abandoned museums and sports centres; wanted to sell off or spoil listed buildings; tried to block new Listings; tried to derail (at the last minute) an international XTC convention organised by volunteers; and much more besides. But – worst of all – they went out of their way to bully and/or discredit anybody who showed concern, tried to promote pride in our past or just disagreed with what they were doing.

So, Swindon folk: don’t miss this chance to finally have your say.

And amen to that! You’re being given a chance to have your say. USE IT.

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