24th October 2023

FROM CAREGIVER TO CARECASTER: THE LAUNCH OF ‘YOU CARE, I CARE’ PODCAST. The podcast world is expanding. And that’s thanks to care expert Janet Shreeve, founder of Shreeve Care Services, who is launching ‘You Care, I Care’.

Janet (66) who has over twenty years of experience within the industry, wants to share a podcast covering all aspects of the care industry. Its aim, to educate and support listeners around a subject which is relevant yet often hidden. Guests will include those who provide care, to those who receive care or those who are unpaid carers.

I decided to start a podcast because I thought it was an excellent way to reach people who need help, want to become more informed or educated. It’s my belief that people who are experiencing different types of care don’t seem to get a voice. I’m doing this to give all people in the care sector a voice,’ Janet said.

FROM CAREGIVER TO CARECASTER - Janet Shreeve recording her new podcast at Swindon 105.5 “You Care, I Care”, which is being launched on November 9th 2023.

Shreeve Care Services

Janet set up her most recent care business, Shreeve Care Services, a little over a year ago. She provides consultancy and support to companies looking to provide the best care, to families seeking the best support for a loved one. And also to help established care companies to improve their offering. Before that, Janet has worked in the care sector for more than twenty years.

The first episodes of ‘You Care, I Care’ will see Janet talk with guests Jodie Fraser and Emma Doney. They’ll share their different experiences within the care industry. Jodie’s experience comes from caring for her grandmother who has dementia. Meanwhile Emma, who is the founder of Adorno Companions, a company providing professional care companions inside and outside the home. There will also an interview with a woman who has a son with ADHD and autism and their experience of the care system.

Podcast audience

But what kind of audience is this podcast for?

Janet said: ‘You Care, I Care’ is for anyone who wants to hear about the care industry. It could be that you need care yourself or looking after someone who needs care. If so this is a fantastic way to hear from people who know what steps to take and the realities of caring in 2023 and beyond.

Or you could be in the care industry yourself and want to hear other people’s experiences. I know how important it is to hear from people who are in the same boat, to feel less alone and make an intimidating situation less daunting.’

To access ‘You Care, I Care’ visit the Shreeve Care Services website or find it on Spotify and other streaming services from November 9.

If you would like to get more information about Shreeve Care Services visit https://www.shreevecareservices.co.uk

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