Sept 19th 2023

DIGITAL MARKETER TAKES ON STAFF. Swindonian Rob Curtis, who started his company The Pursuit Agency a year ago, has welcomed his first employee Belle Brookes.

Belle (22), who lives in Oxfordshire has joined the agency as a content marketing executive. She was previously freelance and has a BA Hons in English literature and art history.

‘I enjoy what I do and find that the Pursuit Agency gives me the opportunity to hone my skills by having exposure to lots of different projects. I love that I can take on any challenge knowing I have support there if I need it,’ Belle said.

It’s my belief that life is about constant learning, and so that’s what I intend to do! I don’t think you can ever be complacent in marketing. Things change and move all the time, whether that be social media algorithms or the ability to use AI for basic copy and research.’

Rob Curtis with his first employee Belle Brookes -DIGITAL MARKETER TAKES ON STAFF
Rob Curtis with his first employee Belle Brookes -DIGITAL MARKETER TAKES ON STAFF

Rob, an expert in digital marketing with more than a decade of experience, started his business just over a year ago. He’s also recently become a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He’s an experienced marketing consultant who works at a strategic level.

‘My business has grown faster than I’d anticipated and I’m grateful for that. It was time for me to take on my first employee so that we can both serve our clients well. Belle is a joy to have in my business and I’m grateful that she chose to be part of Pursuit. It’s my hope to continue to grow the team next year!’ Rob said.

The Pursuit Agency

The Pursuit Agency helps businesses to become visible using a range of digital marketing tactics including SEO, pay per click and content marketing. To date clients include: Helen Brownings Organic, Avrion, Filestream, WeAnswer, Milroys, Aegina and more. To find out more visit

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