15 September 2023

Yep. Before anyone says it, this post about the Old Town Laundry bar is a bit of a cheat in this Swindon in 50 drinks series. Obvs this is more about the venue than one particular drink – as the posts in this series largely are. But – it had to go somewhere so here it is. And there’s a goodly selection of drinks to be had for sure.

the old town laundry bar on Vic hill in Swindon
the old town laundry bar on Vic hill in Swindon

So I’ve been wanting to go this place for a while – and at last got round to it last night. Was it worth the wait? Yes it was – we had a great night and def keen to go again.

The bar – sorry – launderette – is on Victoria Hill – next to Long’s Bar. Check out this aerial shot to place it.

Old Town Laundry Bar aerial view

Set up like a speakeasy of prohibition times, it’s a booking-only venue – via their website. They give you a password with which you gain entry to the bar hidden behind the laundromat frontage. Find their website here: https://www.oldtownlaundrybar.com

Your booking is referred to as a ‘wash’ – and the laundry them looms large on their social media – and indeed in the establishment itself.

The drinks

I think there’s twenty-four cocktails on the menu. They’re quite the most imaginative drinks I’ve ever encountered – and that’s in all aspects. The naming, the ingredients and the presentation. It’s all tremendous fun.

The Swindon Advertiser reported thus: ‘Liam Larkin, deputy manager, explained that they’d invested a lot of time n coming up with the cocktail menu and how to make each drink unique and an ‘event’ in itself. One comes in a lamp that will be presented with an element of fire and another will be in an old-fashioned cereal bowl. …
… We wanted to do something completely different,’ Liam said. There are places like this in Manchester or Bristol, so we thought why not do something like that here, but put our own spin on it ..’ (Not sure if that was an intentional pun!)

The staff we encountered were super friendly and happy to chat about the place, the drinks, the concept – anything.

What follows now is a selection of photographs to give you a flavour of the place. I can’t now remember the names of the two drinks that I had – they were both rum based and were delicious – and one of them had a flambé thing going on. Some of the pics are a bit blurry. I’m blaming the rum! First up – the false front to the speakeasy!

And now some of the drinks – you get the idea I’m sure.

Social media

They’re on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/oldtownlaundrybar and on Instagram as: oldtownlaundrybar.

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