23rd July 2023

Curated Makers Swindon – is a rather nice thing indeed. What is curated makers I hear you cry. Well – what they are is a bridge between big and small businesses. A bridge that’s devoted to making connections between shoppers, makers, artists and designers in a particular region. They transform empty retail units into exciting and unmissable shopping experiences. Experiences that provide opportunities for people to see and to buy the output from local creatives.

Curated Makers Swindon in Swindon Outlet Centre
Curated Makers Swindon in Swindon Outlet Centre

Already in Sheffield, Battersea and Leeds, Curated Maker’s latest pop-up you’ll find in the Swindon designer outlet centre. In the long shop mall to be precise – near M&S and Dune shoes.

The Swindon one

I visited on launch night and it’s rather lovely – a cross between Ikea and Flying Tiger Copenhagen I thought. Though, displaying my usual level of genius, I managed not to take my purse with me. Doh. And that was an irritation as I was struck by the price point – I didn’t see anything over £30 and plenty priced much lower than that. Something for pretty much everyone I felt.

In the Swindon curation you’ll find lots of feel-good gifts and the chance to explore 40+ small businesses. Just one of the businesses that’s part of the current curation is architectural illustrator Dona Bradley. Here you can see not only some of her Swindon stuff but also her Bristol and Clevedon range too. Dona’s Swindon range includes prints of two iconic Swindon structures: the Oasis and the Art Deco diving platform at Coate Water.

Opening hours

Open Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm | Sun 10am – 6pm 

Think big - shop small

So there’s even more reason to shop local and to support the arts and creativity at the same time!

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