RPA Collaborates with Specialist Tutors.

Revolution Performing Arts (RPA) has announced a new partnership with Hunt Scholars. Its purpose is to support young people for children with varied needs.

The two Swindon organisations are working together to create an empowering alternative provision for young people with non-traditional educational needs. Or for those who may have found that school is not for them. The service will run, in the first instance, from North Swindon. It’s accepting referrals from local schools and offering support to home-educating families.


Fi Da Silva-Adams founded RPA in 2007. The organisation specialises in encouraging young people to celebrate their individuality through the power of performing arts.

Fi says: ‘We plan to offer a bespoke package to children who, for many reasons, have failed to flourish in the school system. Academic education works best when a person feels part of a community of shared values. Further that they feel their skills and contributions are important and have their experiences validated. We wanted to create a safe space with the right environment for resilience to develop and self esteem to grow.’

Ellie Hunt is a qualified teacher who runs the specialist tuition service Hunt Scholars from Swindon.

Later in life, Ellie received a diagnosis of autism and ADHD. With that she’s well-placed to communicate with and understand her neurodiverse clients. Ellie has three neurodivergent children who’ve all enjoyed exploring performing arts with RPA.

RPA Collaborates with Specialist Tutors - Fiona Da Silva Adams and Ellie Hunt.
RPA Collaborates with Specialist Tutors – Fiona Da Silva Adams and Ellie Hunt.

Exuberance and joy in abundance

There’s something naturally exuberant and joyful about everything that spills out of Revolution Performing Arts. It’s a place where children feel accepted, not ‘othered’ so that they can have the confidence to be themselves,’ Ellie said.

Revolution@HuntScholars will be an inclusive education provision. One that’s rooted in performing arts and skills for education and life. Sessions are bespoke and are ready for immediate commissioning. Sessions are bespoke and are ready for immediate commissioning. Young people who might find this service of value may come through:

  1. A referral through their school
  2. Another support organisation
  3. or their parents may make direct contact.

Ellie says: ‘Other providers in the locality tend to use sport to support young people with differing needs. So the time is right for an art-based package. We’ll use drama to develop emotional literacy such as understanding what body language may look like. Dance can help children who need movement breaks because they can’t sit still for long. By trying circus skills a child might master balancing a peacock feather on their finger. They’ll then take that confidence forward into a maths lesson.’

Fi Da Silva-Adams from RPA said: ‘We’re ready to support young people on that initial pathway of becoming ready to learn. And then to integrate into the wider community. But also to have a gentle reintroduction of skills across the curriculum, linking them back to education. All in a way that feels relevant and attainable for them.’

To find out more and register interest visit https://revolutionpa.co.uk/alternative-provision/

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