New venture enables organisations to star in their own chat show

Motorsports commentator and presentation trainer Chris Dawes has launched a new business venture. Its aim is helping commercial organisations elevate their communications. He’s called it Visual PR.

Swindon-based Chris is founder and MD of public speaking and presentation skills training company Open Dawes Training. He’s also an award-winning motorsports commentator. That work takes him to tracks all across Europe and the UK and he often hosts award ceremonies.

His new company combines his skills as a trainer, commentator and awards host. It brings a completely new communications offering.

Chris Dawes Founder of Visual PR with his dog

Can you ride tandem?

Ignoring my antediluvian references …

Visual PR, which will run in tandem with Open Dawes Training, offers businesses interactive, live or ‘as-live’ conversational, chat show-style broadcasts.

It’s possible too, to turn these broadcasts into audio-only podcasts. Dissected into short form clips these can feed social media content. They can also provide evergreen links relating to the videos’ content. The aim is for businesses to create regular programmes to build engagement with their audiences.

‘Visual PR is a brand new way of reaching audiences. It complements existing PR and marketing communications and strategies,’ said Chris. ‘By using this style of video and audio communications, businesses maximise integrity, authenticity and engagement. Further they can be in control of how the world recieves and percieves the information they’re putting out.

The interactive shows are broadcast and produced via Chris’s online virtual studio. They can include interviews, conversations, announcements, meet the team, how-to demonstrations or discussions, and behind-the-scenes tours. Several guests can appear at the same time from wherever they are in the world. And there’s even a green room for those waiting to come on. Other video clips are playable as part of the overall show.

An idea is born

The idea for Visual PR emerged from an initiative Chris launched during lockdown, called Castle Combe TV (CCTV). That’s broadcast on YouTube and social media channels. To keep momentum going and the passion alive for racing fans, Chris, a Board member of Castle Combe Racing Club, began hosting motorsports shows for Castle Combe circuit. He even invited special guests from the world of motorsports. These guests included TV’s motor racing expert Tiff Needell, who made a guest appearance on the 50th show.

CCTV led on to multi-camera, live event broadcasting. Such things as as a virtual awards ceremony and on-location shows. This included Castle Combe circuit race events and media days where Chris was commentating, as well as live interview studios on site.

Now, Visual PR takes this chat show-style programme to the next level. It offers commercial organisations the chance to use this technique as part of their visual and audio marketing communications strategy.

Chris can appear on the show alongside the client as the host and interviewer. This is much easier than simply presenting to camera. Or he can be the sole presenter on behalf of the client. Alternatively, he can manage the production but not appear himself. For those who want or need help with, for example, overcoming nerves, speaking, or appearing on camera, Chris brings into play the skills training he offers through Open Dawes Training. That’s available to groups or individuals, online, in person or on demand.

Chris added: ‘The programmes we make can be broadcast live. Or, the recorded chat-show conversations we can send out ‘as live’ via the clients’ own YouTube and social media platforms. We already have organisations excited by Visual PR, signing up for monthly, fortnightly, or weekly shows. The interest comes from this being a band new way of reaching audiences. In the crowded marketplace of digital communications, this is a gamechanger. The stats we have for viewing, retention, and listening figures speak for themselves.’

Further info

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