24th May 2023

So – hands up who knew we have here a Swindon independent film festival? Well – you might but I didn’t until I started seeing their tweets. So here’s a wee post about it.

Swindon independent film festival - logo
Swindon Independent Film Festival – Putting Swindon in the Limelight

A guy by the name of Doug Kirby started it off, in 2018, to bring creatives together. There were a number of people doing film-related stuff and he wanted to pull it all together. Over the ensuing years the whole thing has evolved and this year the festival has a new team of four to take it forward.

As they point out: ‘Swindon has a rich history linked to films and filmmakers and the Independent Film Festival aims to continue to showcase the best of Swindon’s film scene. So, that’s why, if you’re a filmmaker from Swindon you can enter your film to our festival for free!’

The group used to use Shoebox Theatre’s space in Milton Road baths. But of course Milton Road is currently closed for work so they’ve hooked up with Artsite and the Post Modern in Theatre Square. So that’s something that’s allowing for a wonderful hook-up with other aspects of art and culture.

In the ether

You can find their website here: https://www.swindonfilmfestival.com – though it’s my understanding it’s being updated. Once it’s updated they will share the news on their social media channels. They tell me it’s not far off being ready now.

Their website tells us that the festival aims to showcase both the best of independent cinema and to create a supportive and diverse community of film makers and film lovers.

I do like that they have the Corn Exchange in Old Town as their logo. That might look and seem a tad random but there is relevance. Once that building had ceased to be a town hall and corn exchange it underwent many incarnations. And one of those was as the Rink Cinema with seating for 1,000 people. And aside from that, having this much-neglected heritage asset as their logo keeps it in the public eye.

How wonderful it would be if that ‘building’ were in better shape. I use the word building loosely – it’s really little more than a facade help up by a bush!

Find them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwindonFilmFest and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwindonIIFF



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