A FINANCIAL ADVISER’S FUNDRAISING WALK FROM STONEHENGE TO AVEBURY RAISES MORE THAN £800. Financial adviser Dave Southby is nursing blisters and sore knees after walking twenty-seven miles to raise money. Who for? Well for Swindon & Gloucestershire Mind yet his endurance has raised more than £870.

Financial Advisor's Fundraising walk - Dave Southby of Dave Southby Financial Planning (camera right) as he set out on his long walk with his friend Martin Baker.
Dave Southby of Dave Southby Financial Planning (camera right) as he set out on his long walk with his friend Martin Baker.
Financial Advisor’s Fundraising walk

These boots are made for walking

The walk was one of several events Dave, who lives in Wroughton, has lined up this year after he pledged to raise £1,500 for the charity to thank them for supporting a close friend.

In doing so, Dave literally went the extra mile alongside his friend Martin Baker.

After 58,000 steps, in the company of my friend Martin, I’m thrilled and humbled by the support I received. The first half of the walk was fine. I got blisters about half way so I was hobbling and then about nine miles out my knee jarred and I was in agony!  My feet are still shot and I’m still hobbling around but it was worth every mile,’ he said.

Making a pledge

The 30-year-old, has pledged to raise at least £1,500 during 2023 to support the charity. To do so he is undertaking several activities throughout the year, as well as donating a percentage of any profit he makes.

I am so pleased to have got more than half way to my target so far, with a couple of pledges still to come in. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated.’

His next fundraising event will be a charity golf day – due to take place in June.

‘I’ve chosen this charity because it does great work in my community and over the border in Gloucestershire, helping people struggling with their mental health,’ he said. ‘This work can often go unnoticed yet it’s critical to support people to get back on their feet. The team has supported a close friend of mine over the last year or so and it’s my belief that it’s important to give back in some way as a ‘thank you’.’

Why fundraising matters

Fundraising is vital for charities like Swindon & Gloucestershire Mind, because:

● At least one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year. One in six people report a common mental health problem such as anxiety and depression in any given week.

● Locally, at least 12% (approximately, 27,600 people) of the population in Swindon and 11% (approximately, 70,000) of the population in Gloucestershire experience a common mental health problem.

● For one member of staff to answer calls on the charity’s Mind Line service costs £140 per day. And for seven days per week, it costs £348,251 per year to keep the lines manned. 

● To fund the charity’s Wellbeing Day services, Monday to Friday, and providing face-to-face and group support in the community costs £967.08 per day.

Dave is a partner with St James’ Place. He helps individuals, families and small business owners to manage their wealth in an effective way. He specialises in working with people who live in Swindon and North Wiltshire. To find out more about him visit https://davesouthbyfp.co.uk/

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