April 2023

Swindon Book Fair – 20th May 2023

So my chum Lis McDermott is organising a Swindon book fair. It’ll be at the central community centre in the GWR railway village from 11am to 3pm.

As she points out on her blog, A Book Fair in Swindon,:

‘ …Swindon has a number of authors who don’t get a look in at the Swindon literature festival. Something I totally understand, because for the festival to make money and have access to the fantastic venues they use, they need to get bums on seats. And for that, the authors need to be well-known. 

 Many of the authors who are local, have never been heard of by Swindon people.

I decided this year was going to be the year to organise a book fair. And with the support of Dan Fishlock, Community Officer for the Mechanics’ Institution Trust, Swindon and the other authors involved, we’re running our first fair on May 20th 2023.

… There’ll be ten authors, a mixture of children and adult fiction authors, including *two authors who write about the history of Swindon…’

Swindon Book Fair poster

Swindon history

*The two authors that Lis mentions in her blog are myself, Angela Atkinson (aka Born Again Swindonian) and Hannah Dosanjh

I’ve written four books on varying aspects of Swindon – visit this page for more information on my Swindon publications.

Myself and Hannah are sharing a pitch as our wares somewhat complement each other without competing. What with Hannah’s very wonderful book being for children. It’s a super book that my granddaughter really engaged with.

Swindon book fair - Hannah Dosanjh book

To make it extra exciting I have a giveaway with a purchase. But on a first come first served basis as only have a small number. The give away is a fab SED Developments 3D printing production. I’ve also got bookmarks to go with my Born again Swindonian guidebook. So y’know – how can you resist?

So do please support the event – it’s a great initiative and collaboration between Lis and the Mechanics’ Institution Trust. This is the first – here’s to many more!

Explainer video

Here’s a fab video by Eight Interactive that gives an overview of my publications:

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