Nutritional Therapist Running 2nd Retreat. Nutritional therapist and Naturopath, Caroline Peyton from Peyton Principles, has announced that she’ll host a second nutrition retreat in June. It follows on from the success of her first event in February.

February’s retreat provided a relaxing space for ladies over forty. They got together to explore nutrition and naturopathic well-being techniques. All with support and guidance from Caroline. The event took place in the beautiful surroundings of Cotswold Park Barns at Woodmancote, north of Cirencester.

Caroline qualified as a nutritional therapist in 2009 and as a naturopath in 2013. The 57-year-old mother has been running her busy clinical practice for thirteen years.

Nutritional Therapist Running 2nd Retreat - delegates at Caroline's retreat earlier this year.
Running 2nd Retreat – delegates at Caroline’s retreat earlier this year.

The right nutrition

‘Once you have the right nutrition foundations in place you’ll feel revitalised and full of energy. You don’t need to put up with feeling sluggish, with aches and pains and with generally feeling a bit bleurgh.’

Due to popular demand, the second event is now confirmed for 14th June 2023, once again at Cotswold Park Barns. The theme for June’s event will be, Live your healthiest life. Feel 10 Years Younger! and is open to all ladies, not only those over forty. Registration is open with applicants able to take advantage of the £99 early bird offer.

Caroline explains what attendees can expect. ‘The day will be one of nutritional education, inspiration and relaxation. And it all happens in a supportive caring environment. I’ll be sharing my five-step naturopathic nutrition foundations to boost your health and wellbeing.’ Attendees will enjoy:

  • Delicious plant based food prepared by Caroline – all gluten and dairy free
  • A recipe pack
  • Information sheets
  • A take-home wellbeing goody bag

Amy Alexander who attended the first retreat, says of her experience: ‘I enjoyed all elements of the day. Meeting others and enjoying delicious food. Caroline’s information and advice were excellent. The knowledge imparted was the main benefit for me.’

Therapeutic approach

Naturopathy, as a therapeutic approach, has four main principles underpinning it:

  • It seeks to facilitate and promote the body’s inherent self-healing abilities
  • It recognises the uniqueness of each individual
  • It always attempts to establish and tackle the root cause of a condition, not merely the end result i.e. current symptoms
  • It considers not only the local area or organ that appears affected, but the whole person.

Naturopaths believe that the symptoms of ill health are the body’s way of trying to heal itself.

Caroline runs clinics in Swindon and the Cotswolds as well as online. She helps individuals improve their health and well-being (with a strong emphasis on digestive gut health) through personalised programmes that focus on their diet and lifestyle. She has delivered several successful online healthcare programmes.

To find out more about the retreat visit:

Nutritional Therapist Running 2nd Retreat

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