Talk inspires business owners to plan for growth. Inspirational speaker Claire Lomas MBE captivated an audience of business owners at an event in Wiltshire. Since a horse riding accident left her paralysed, Claire’s taken part in marathons, lit the 2012 paralympic torch, learnt to fly and ride a motorbike.

Claire, who was an international three-day eventer when she had her accident in 2007, was speaking at The Growth Club. That’s a quarterly meeting of entrepreneurs organised by leading business growth experts at Brinkworth-based Chalkhill Blue.

At The Growth Club, more than eighty business owners and their teams, with a combined turnover of more than £100 million, got the chance to take a day out of the office. They use the day to devise a three-month plan to help them create and achieve business goals.

Chris and Rachel Spratling and Simon Buck run Chalkhill Blue. They specialise in supporting ambitious scale-up businesses owners and their teams to grow their enterprises. They knew Claire would be the perfect choice to inspire a roomful of business owners. Since her accident, she’s raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities, including the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation.

Talk Inspires Business Owners - Claire Lomas with Chris and Rachel Spratling and Simon Buck
Talk Inspires Business Owners – Claire Lomas with Chris and Rachel Spratling and Simon Buck

A door slammed shut

Claire said: ‘At first, I felt like a door had slammed in my face. but I have taken so many opportunities I wouldn’t have had if the accident hadn’t happened. We often look so far ahead that things don’t seem achievable. But the lesson I’ve learnt is to break things down and do a bit at a time.’

Rachel said: ‘Claire showed what one can achieve in the face of adversity. Instead of letting this life-changing injury beat her, she’s turned it into a positive. And, quite rightly, received an MBE for her fantastic fundraising. So much of what she said applies to our life in business, that we can achieve a great deal if we set goals and work out a plan to get there.’

The Growth Club attendees were also treated to a talk from Liam Williams, of LeoDo. He explained the benefits of using visuals and imagery to aid employee engagement.

During the day-long event, the business owners attending spent the afternoon drawing up a ninety-day business plan.

The next quarterly Growth Club will be on June 22, at Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club.

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