29 January 2026


The team at Black Nova Designs is celebrating the start of 2023 by offering free website migration to its hosting service. And that includes cPanel hosting software as it gets cPanel status.

As one of the only cPanel partners in Swindon and Wiltshire, the company offers some of the best software for website hosting and migration. And then ongoing support.

‘We wanted to offer something special to mark the start of the new year,’ said managing director Danielle Holmes. ‘To our knowledge, we’re the only hosting company in the area that can offer all the benefits that come with being a partner.’

Kyle Holmes of Black Nova Designs
Wilts Company Celebrates cPanel Status – Kyle Holmes of Black Nova Designs

cPanel Benefits

One of those benefits is the cPanel platform itself – it has global recognition for being a market leader.

‘cPanel is the industry-leading control panel for your hosting environment,’ explained fellow MD Kyle Holmes. “It’s a big, user-friendly control panel. It’s self-explanatory and it’s so well known in the tech world.

‘If you migrate your website to our hosting service the benefit of using cPanel is that it makes management easy for our clients. So, if you want to set up a new email account or create an FTP account, you can do it all within cPanel.’

For other customers, the design of the process makes it a fast one.

The whole process lasts about an hour, and limits any website downtime to around ten minutes in the middle of the night,’ added Kyle. The switch comes at the very last second. That’s especially important for e-commerce sites, to ensure no transactions get lost during the move.

The free migration offer lasts until June this year,’ added Danielle. ‘Our prices start from £10.79 a month (including VAT) for fast and secure hosting.

Besides becoming a cPanel partner Black Nova have also become a Nominet registrar. That means all domains ending .uk will get the new IPS tag BLACKNOVA registration. And once registered it’s controlled and registered in the client’s name directly.

To find out more about Black Nova Designs, please visit https://www.blacknovadesigns.co.uk

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