22nd January

Only yesterday I put together a post about a long-standing piece of Swindon’s public art. Namely the Tricentre Chi Sculpture in the town centre dating to 1991. But for this post we come up-to-date with the plough horse sculpture on the Gablecross* roundabout.

*Now nicknamed the stablecross roundabout! Ha!

The Plough Horse Sculpture on Gablecross roundabout
The Plough Horse Sculpture on Gablecross roundabout – with thanks to Strolling in Swindon for the image.

Commissioned as part of Swindon’s New Eastern Village development, finance for it came from section 106 developer funding. What that means is that money was allocated for the explicit purpose. Ergo SBC haven’t spent any of your money on it!

I do hope there’s a strategy in place for taking care of this new piece of public art. I can’t tell you how much it frustrates me that Swindon is blessed with so much public art – yet none of it cared for. The West Swindon sculpture trail being a case in point. But I digress.

Plough Horse is the work of Holly Hickmore – find out more about her here.

I’ve not seen this work in the (horse) flesh as it were – the photos here are courtesy of the Strolling in Swindon Facebook page – link to it under the featured image. It looks perfectly fine from here but it would be nice to get a proper look at sometime. Anyway, the reason for the horse is to reference Swindon’s rural and farming heritage. Well … that’s okay as it goes – but surely we can say that about anywhere in the country? Swindon wasn’t/isn’t on its own in having that?

And still no pig!

So – we’re collecting quite the menagerie now. We’ve got this horse. We’ve also got the cow at the GWH and the ram sculpture on the site of the old cattle market in Old Town. But STILL no HAM. Given that Swindon is alleged (though it’s by no means certain) to have got its name from pigs – Swinedune – (maybe) surely we should have something that references that? Even if it is a myth.

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