January 2023

Tricentre Chi Sculpture Swindon.

So this post is about a thing – not a new thing – but a thing that I’ve not got around to putting on the blog until now. I’ve no idea why. I lose the plot on a regular basis. The public art that I’ve covered so far you’ll find here.

The subject of this post, the Chi sculpture by the Tricentre (Allied Dunbar Tricentre as was) had its unveiling in 1991. And that would be around the time I came to Swindon. Though I’ve not been writing this blog all that time.

Tricentre Chi Sculpture Swindon
Tricentre Chi Sculpture Swindon – photo courtesy of Chris Eley

There’s a lovely picture of it here on the Local Studies Flickr. On that picture its surroundings look rather different – it’s circled by benches for one thing.

About Chi

Artist : Michael Warren who made the sculpture from core-ten steel. Bought by Allied Dunbar PLC – now Zurich – this abstract sculpture takes its title from the Greek for the letter X. The artist said one can freely read it as a kind of mythic circle.

The sculpture is dedicated to the architect, Brian Carter.

Lord Palumbo, the then chairman of the arts council, presided at the unveiling of the sculpture.

At the time (1991) Chi comprised the latest sculpture provided to Swindon under Thamesdown Council’s per cent for art scheme with other funding coming from Allied Dunbar’s charitable trust.

The per cent for art scheme helped the West Swindon sculptures into existence. Find out more about the West Swindon sculpture walk here. Indeed, as the then Thamesdown mayor said: Per Cent for Art is an important way in which business can visibly benefit the community as a whole. In this particular case, the sculpture will also be a lasting tribute to Allied Dunbar’s record of service to the local community.’

Chi sculpture Swindon by Micheal Warren - 1991

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