2nd January 2023

Before anyone says it, I’m aware that The Drink Valley Swindon is a venue not a singular drink. But:

1. It’s an independent business in the town centre deserving of a mention.
2. I’ve covered an individual drink that I often buy there to drink at home in this post: https://swindonian.me/2021/08/26/13-hercule-belgian-stout/ I flipping love that stout.

The Drink Valley
The Drink Valley in Swindon

The Drink Valley then is, as the logo above suggests, a bar, micro brewery and shop for craft beers on Fleet Square in Swindon. The place also serves some jolly tasty Indian food.

The outside seating area
The outside seating area

From their website – paraphrased:

The Drink Valley is something of a dream project for brewers and beer sommeliers that have spent a decade working in the brewing and distilling industry.

We’ve chosen all our products to support both local and national brands. We bring to our business our expert knowledge of different types and styles of craft beers.

A few pics of the venue

If pushed I’d have to admit that the place lacks a bit of ambience and atmosphere. And I don’t understand the gorillas. I’m not saying I don’t like them – I merely don’t get them. Anyway, I proper love ambience and atmosphere – as evidenced by the not inconsiderable sums of money that I spend on tea-lights and candles. BUT – I can/do/will sacrifice it for good food and good beer. And both are available here.


The food

You can see the food menu on the website here – and it is jolly tasty too. Below some of the Indian deliciousness enjoyed when I visited shortly before Christmas. The bhajis, samosas, rice and dahl and railway chicken curry were all super tasty.

Find them on social media

They have events happening so check out their website to see what they’re up to and for their opening hours and so on. Find it here: https://thedrinkvalley.com

You’ll also find them on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

All-in-all then, here is an independent, town centre business that deserves support. While I don’t subscribe to the tiresome and tired old ‘no-one goes to the town centre’ trope, I’m not denying our town couldn’t be better. But we can all help here y’know? Support what we have and more will surely come?


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