Okay – this Napo lemon and vodka drink is a bit of a Swindon in 50 drinks cheat in that this business is based in Bradford On Avon. Buuuut I did meet Robert Hobbs of Four Friends Drinks at The Foundry launch event in Workshed. And that’s very much in Swindon and it’s something different so …y’know. Here we are. With something that’s not bloody gin – Lord I hate that stuff. I had a bad experience with it once – ’nuff said. And I don’t like tonic either.

Napo Lemon and Vodka
Napo Lemon and Vodka

A 100 year old recipe

Right then – some info on Napo from their website – see link above.

Napo lemon and vodka takes its inspiration from a 100-yr-old Polish recipe. Each and every bottle has over five lemons squeezed into it – cytrynowka’ (Cit-Rin-Oov-Ka’) derived from ‘cytryna’ meaning lemon. Sounds like sunshine in a bottle doesn’t it?

Poland has a long history of making different vodka flavours and is one of the world’s leading vodka producers/consumers.

 Napo Lemon and Vodka

The drink uses only fresh lemon juice for a fruit-infused sprit that packs a refreshing punch. It’s free from the artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives so often found in other flavoured spirits.

Its alcohol content of 25% gives it a lower alcohol content than standard vodka. That means you can enjoy it straight, chilled or on the rocks.

How it came into being

Well the Covid pandemic lockdown influenced a lot of things didn’t it? I bought leopard print loafers and vowed never to wear an underwired bra ever again. Other people .. well other people invented drinks!

A Polish couple in the UK, seeking to cheer up two close friends made a lemon-infused drink inspired by … yep … you got it! Now it seems this drink went down really rather well – no doubt better than the gin of my experience. Indeed it went down soooo well that these four friends became Four Friends Drinks and Napo was born!

What Napo isn’t

What it’s not is a shot to down in one. Napo is, we’re assured, a drink for you to enjoy straight and super-chilled or poured over ice.

So … cheers and Twoje zdrowie!

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