October 2022

Swindon firm engineers 15 years in business

Ludlow Engineering Celebrates – A Swindon engineering firm, born out of its owner’s love of motor racing, is celebrating 15 years in business.

Ludlow Engineering, based in West Swindon, was set up in 2007 by engineer Dan Ludlow. A motor racing enthusiast in his spare time, Dan raced at club level across the UK.

Ludlow Engineering Celebrates - Dan Ludlow and James Barnett
Ludlow Engineering Celebrates – Dan Ludlow and James Barnett

How it began

Dan began manufacturing performance racing car parts in his garage at home for his own race car. From that he soon progressed to supplying other race teams with parts for their cars.

I made the parts for myself and then started making them for other people to help finance my racing,’ said Dan. ‘These were parts I developed on my race car. Such things as braking and suspension components that I sold to fellow racers in the paddocks.’

Business became so brisk for Dan, that he moved out of his garage at home into a unit on Cheney Manor industrial estate. He then gave up his day job, transitioning to business owner.

Now, fifteen years on, Ludlow Engineering is a Swindon success story. Although the firm no longer manufactures parts for racing cars.

Its core business is repairing or replacing mechanical parts when equipment breaks down. And it has clients across sectors as diverse as water, automotive, food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical, and building products production.

Ludlow Engineering covers everything. From the repair of a worn out bearing journal or housing to the complete manufacture of bespoke or obsolete parts. The firm also runs an emergency repair engineering service, to help minimise downtime and disruption.


The company has a base in its own premises in Westmead. Six years ago it took on apprentice James Barnett. He’s now a fully qualified engineer. Dan plans to take on another apprentice.

‘I never envisaged that a business I started, to help with a hobby, would become so successful. It’s worked out very well indeed. I love running my own business and enjoy the opportunity of meeting and interacting with so many different people,’ said Dan.

My next step is to look for another apprentice. Taking James on worked out so well. He is simply superb at the job, and gets on very well with the customers, so I hope we can do that again.’

To mark the anniversary, Ludlow Engineering has launched a new website. For more details visit https://www.ludlowengineering.com/ or email dan@ludlowengineering.com

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