6th October 2022

Swindon Paint Fest 2022. Exciting news listeners! Later this month Swindon is getting a street art paint fest! And of course, I’m away that weekend aren’t I? Gah! Never mind – I’ll get a tour of all the murals when I return.

See the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/752702225828451

Happening over the 15th & 16th October, Swindon’s first street art festival, Swindon Paint Fest is organised by artists Caryn Koh, Sally Taylor and local Organiser Helen Salter on behalf of Artsite, an artist led self-funded charity,  in partnership with Inswindon BID. 

Its purpose is to celebrate and initiate more murals and street art into the town centre as part of its regeneration.

In the event, there’ll be around 50 artists doing various live paintings and permanent murals in and around Swindon town centre and leading into the district of Rodbourne. There will also be exhibitions, workshops, a popup shop and an artist sharing session hosted by Artsite and The Swindon Hub.

Swindon Paint Fest 2022
Swindon Paint Fest 2022

What’s occurring, where and when

Artsite, Theatre SquareOct 14th 6-9pmThe opening of the exhibition and launch of the Paint Pest plus light refreshments.  During the weekend, they’ll also be holding an interactive experimental drawing workshop where it’s open and free to the public to come by the gallery and experience
Queen’s Street Martin Travers is from Swindon and has since lived and worked in many different countries painting murals and collaborating on community arts projects. He’ll be painting a large scale mural on the wall.
Wharf Green, town centre Six artists painting live and they are Lost Dogs, INCA_THEMOLE, Jenna Fox, Tim Carroll, Peter Cowdy and the Hass.
Corporation Street Murals painted alongside
hoardings outside the new Swindon Town Centre Premier Inn  An art jam of Read And Weep Crew and various artists
Artsite, Theatre Square Oct 15th -21stA duo exhibition in by local artists Paul Exton and Dayna Baxter with the title of their show “More Shock of the New” showcasing their signature abstract styles in producing bold bright colours, shapes & geometry in their work
Top floor of Swindon Hub A group exhibition held on the showcasing works of some of our featured artists of the festival. Concurrently, there will be a video exhibition to highlight the history and evolvement of street art in Swindon.
Ground floor of Swindon Hub A pop up shop from Trinity Collective in the, a tattoo studio and art shop that will be selling some art supplies, street art merchandise, art prints and art works.
Swindon HubSwindon Hub 
Oct 15th 2pm
– an artist sharing session with Ken White, also held in for the panels and community to initiate conversations on the improvements that public art can do for the town.
Swindon paint fest 2022 launch night
Swindon paint fest 2022 launch night

Other stuff!

There’s going to be an Art Trail map published leading up the event so you can find out where each event is happening and to see your favourite artists at work.

Do visit our socials and our Facebook event page to keep up to date as we make announcements. Our instagram is www.instagram.com/swindonpaintfest and Facebook page www.facebook.com/swindonpaintfest

There’s a go fund me page to contribute towards materials needed with the various walls and sites being painted. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.https://gofund.me/4cb6a81c.

For posts on other Swindon murals go here: https://swindonian.me/category/artscultureheritage/swindon-murals/

And for info on my book about Swindon’s original mural man – Ken White – go here:

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