August 2022

The Pinehurst Peloton* is a new mural in …. wait for it … Pinehurst. It’s a great name for a mural gracing the side wall of the E-Motion electric cycle shop in Pinehurst – and who knew??

*Peloton: the main field or group of cyclists in a race.

The Pinehurst Peleton - the e-motion shop in Pinehurst
The Pinehurst Peleton – the e-motion shop in Pinehurst

I’m somewhat having trouble in keeping pace with the mural mushrooming we’ve got going on in Swindon – though of course it’s all fabulous. Theatre Square is looking great, then there’s the work of the Redcliffe Collective and more. I have numerous posts about Swindon murals on the blog and you’ll find them all here. I’ve managed to cover most of them I reckon but there way be some omissions. And to them I send my apologies.

But back to the Pinehurst Peloton mural:

Adam the artist standing in front of his work The Pinehurst Peloton
Adam Whitehead, the artist, standing in front of his work The Pinehurst Peloton

In similar vein to the work of the Redcliffe Collective, the impetus for this mural on the side wall of the E-motion shop, was to make more attractive a wall ever defaced by graffiti tags.

How it came about

A schoolmate of Adam’s at Lydiard Millicent primary school was Joel – son of Mark, the owner of the E-Motion shop. Adam’s family and Mark’s family began going on bike rides together while the two boys were still in primary school. The families have remained friends from that day to this.

So anyway, Mark had the idea of a Pinehurst Peloton mural to cover the tags that defaced the wall. Mark called Adam while he was away at university to ask him if he was interested in doing it. Clearly the man from Del Monte said yes.

The painting process

Adam tells me that his first action was to paint the wall white to cover all the tags, following it with a coat of blue paint. He says that for the actual design he got spray paints from Mams Gallery in town – on Eastcott Hill to be precise.

He started the designs and concepts on Procreate Art – that’s software for designing artworks to you and me. Adam produced several designs, then he and Mark discussed some design changes during the painting process.

On the back of this Adam is going to another mural on the wall opposite. That’s really cool because he’s a delightful young man and I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

So – Adam is piffing up Pinehurst. The Redcliffe Collective are renovating Rodbourne. So what’s next? A wonderwall in Walcot perhaps? Swindon is become muraltastic once again and it’s wonderful.

Well done Adam, Sarah Harris, the Redcliffe Collective and more. It’s ALL great.

A shameless plug

As many people know, back in the 70s and 80s, Swindon-born Ken White painted a number of murals around Swindon as part of the Labour government’s (at the time) job-creation scheme. What fewer people know is that I’ve written a book about Ken and it’s chock full of images of his work, here, around the UK and abroad.

You can buy it from the usual online places but really, if you do want to buy a copy, it would be great if you could support the shop in the central library – because they’ve been supportive to me. As have Waterstones in the town centre.

And while you’re in that vicinity you can check out the marvellous murals around Theatre Square, Princes Street, Regent Circus and Wharf Green. And there’s a heap of new ones around the Mechanics’ Institution too – not yet on the blog.

More info on the book here:

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