Right – well this one is something different. Neitiv Coconut Beer is beer yes – but not as you know it. It’s the brainchild of couple Keeran and Vaani Vetriko. And they’re here, in Swindon. Indeed, you may have seen them on Dragon’s Den. There’s an account of that appearance here in the Swindon Link magazine. Worthy of note from that piece is this:

‘The TV debut is the latest in a series of recent achievements for Neitiv as it says it continues to experience significant year-on-year growth. In October the brand won the Global Vegan Award at the LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2021. It’s also been selected for the Global Incubator Programme for Agrifood Innovators. In collaboration with Innovate UK and GROW Singapore, the programme allows innovative SMEs based in the UK to take part in a market visit to Singapore and explore further growth opportunities in Asia. ‘

Though the couple failed to get the investment they hoped for from Dragon’s Den, it’s fair to say they’ve gone from strength to strength.

Neitiv Coconut Beer - stand at the Southwest Expo at STEAM Museum
Neitiv Coconut Beer – stand at the Southwest Expo at STEAM Museum in May 2022

About the beer

Husband and wife team, Keeran and Vaani Vetriko launched Neitiv in 2021. What they brew is lager infused with coconut flower drops.* The range includes a 1.5 per cent low alcohol sweet lager called Ninkasi. Then there’s Menquet, a 2.0 percent light lager and a 4.0 percent smooth lager called Dea Latis. The whole range is aimed at female consumers.

According to Neitiv, and I confess this surprised me, is that many women don’t perceive beer as being a drink for them. They claim that most of the UK’s 2,000 breweries market their products at men – and if I stop and think about that I can see it.

So, while fifty-three percent of men drink beer only seventeen percent of women do. Thus Neitiv are on a mission to address perceptions about beer and beer consumers with their vegan, low calorie, low-alcohol beer.

Said Neitiv co-founder, Vaani Vetriko: ‘As a woman from Malaysia, growing up I learnt that drinking beer was frowned upon and something I wasn’t able to enjoy. So we created Neitiv to empower all people to enjoy great tasting beer.’

*Cocont flower drops (CFD) is a nectar that drips from the flowers of the coconut tree. Skilled farmers collect the nectar before sunrise. CFD has a reputation as an ancient health giver and Ayurvedic elixer, rich in nutrition and antioxidants.

Earnest good worksthe Red Dot Project

Fighting period poverty is the Red Dot Project. With it, Neitiv strives to reach an ambitious goal of eliminating period poverty across the globe. It’s their firm belief that anyone menstruating should have access to menstrual protection. It should be a basic human right.

Now all that remains is for me to try the stuff! Though I had a sample of one of them at the South West Expo back in the spring and I rather liked it.

Shop the collection here: https://neitiv.uk/collections/our-products

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