Wyvern Summer Youth Project 2022 – Legally Blonde the Musical

Wyvern Summer Youth Project 2022 - Legally Blonde the Musical
Wyvern Summer Youth Project 2022 – Legally Blonde the Musical

Wyvern Summer Youth Project 2022.
Omigod You Guys… how I’ve MISSED the summer youth project at the Wyvern Theatre. They’re always amazing and summer youth project 2022 is no exception to that rule! How can one not love a night in a theatre stuffed to the rafters with young talent all living their very best life?! It’s such a joyous and uplifting experience. Only every time. And even more so when you consider that everyone involved puts the show together in less than a fortnight! I am in awe that they remember their lines and all the words to the songs – I still can’t remember my mobile number. Pfft!

Wyvern Summer Youth Project 2022

The storyline

I’m pretty sure no-one needs me to outline the plot – even I knew it and I don’t think I’ve seen the film. Though if you do want to swot up you’ll find it here. What is worth nothing though is that, as this piece in the New York times points out, what looks on the surface like a bit of froth is in fact ‘a feminist masterpiece’. Albeit one with an eye-watering amount of pink.

‘It’s been 20 years since Elle, against all odds, got into Harvard Law, fended off a professor’s advances and came to the legal defense of a sorority alumna. She remains an emblem for challenging stereotypes and embracing female empowerment in the face of misogyny. By refuting the “dumb blonde” trope, Elle has become beloved for her sincerity and her insistence on unapologetically being herself.’

Amen to that and down with the patriarchy!

The performers

Well – what can I say? They’re all amazing. But of course a big round of applause to Poppy Bartoszewska as Elle. She owned it. Well done. Sassy and a great voice.

Louise Aust as Paulette caught my eye too – she too can belt it out and has a nice comic touch.

While I don’t want to single any of the ensemble out because of course they’re all gorgeous and amazing, I do have to give a special mention to a young person in the ensemble – in the yellow group – third from the left in the photo in the programme.

I noticed this performer because myself and my companion were right by the aisle and the participant in question appeared right by us giving it everything with the cheerleading pom-poms. Then of course I couldn’t stop noticing this particular cast member when they were on the stage. You know how it is when you’re travelling say – you speak to a stranger for some reason and then you see them everywhere you go. Well it was like that. And had this youngster not been in our aisle I probably wouldn’t have noticed them – or at least not so much.

Anyway, I thought the facial expressions were great and moved well. So, to third from the left with the blonde hair and the pale pink polo shirt: good work! 🙂 One to watch perhaps?

Get booking!

All that remains for me to say is this: if you’ve no plans tonight or tomorrow night then DO go and see these wonderful youngsters perform. It’s a beautiful thing,

And here’s where to book:


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