July 2022

Marios restaurant on Wood Street in Swindon’s Old Town has got a new owner and has had a refresh.

Marios Gets Reboot - Zues Guenaoua the new owner.
Marios restaurant Gets Reboot – Zues Guenaoua the new owner.

So, the other day, post Girls About Town on Swindon 105.5, Jo Garton and myself decided to be ladies wot lunch. After some musing about were to go we settled on Mario’s. Jo had been once or twice already – me not at all. So what with that and feeling the need to escape the sun for a while, off to Mario’s we toddled.

I remember taking my daughter there for her 16th birthday. I’m not entirely sure I’ve been since – and she’s now 42! So that makes Mario’s a Swindon institution. Indeed – the restaurant turns 50 later this year.

From the Swindon Advertiser

Zues took over from Nino Coniglio in March. Since then he’s made some heavy investment in the place, with new lighting, seating and tables. Also, he’s spruced up the bar, cleaned the floor and walls and installed new heating and air conditioning systems. The menu is new too!

‘The 53-year-old has lived in Swindon since 1996 and been managing restaurants since 2009, starting with Da Vinci on Faringdon Road, then setting up Piazza Fontana in Cirencester for 16 months before overseeing another restaurant in Faringdon between 2014 and 2020.’

Zues said: ‘Now I’m back working in Swindon, where I belong, and looking for a new challenge. I have a lease for 25 years so I’m here for the long haul.’

‘We have two really good Italian chefs here who use great ingredients and do things properly. The existing chef has been retained and joined by a new colleague to work on a revamped menu and specials.’

He’s a super nice chap for sure and he gave me and Jo excellent service – and that’s always nice is it not? Def hope to return before too long.

Find the place on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariositalianswindon

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