July 2022

Find below a press release from Olympia Publishers about We Paid to Play. As it happens, this book written by a Swindonian is familar to me. Given that I have zero interest in sport of any kind, I have to say that it held my interest. I know that sounds a bit like damned with faint praise but, given my aforementioned, lack of sporting enthusiasm – it’s a proper compliment. It has a chapter about Swindon – that helped! 😉

We Paid to Play - book cover
We Paid to Play – book cover

About the book

By Kenneth McLauchlan, this book comprises an interesting and educated read about the history of English and international football.

In the book, McLauchlan discusses football from its beginning to current times. And from grass roots football to international standard football, across all countries.

With discussion about experts involved in the game from the early days such as Rous and Pentland, the book gives an interesting insight into the world of football. The author touches upon racism and hooliganism in football too – a subject under discussion at the moment in the media.

We paid to Play is a fascinating read. The author has a clear love of football at all levels. It’s an ideal read for anyone with even only a passing interest in football. Everyone will learn something new.

About the author

Kenneth McLauchlan is a retired material scientist, born in Cambridge. After school he went to college in London spending four years doing a course in Applied Physics, involving three separate industry placements in different parts of the country. After college, Kenneth worked for almost two years at Middlesex Hospital in different roles.

He began working at Metal Box as a material scientist in 1977 at Acton, London, moving out to work with Metal Box in Wantage in Oxfordshire in 1980, while living in Swindon.

A major passion through his life has been playing, watching and discussing football.

This is his first book.

Publisher information

Published by Olympia Publishers
30-06-2022, £9.99, Paperback, 194 pages
 ISBN: 978-1-80074-083-9
Category: Autobiography (sports)


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