6th June 2022

Darkroom Theatre, founded at the eponymous Swindon coffee shop on Faringdon Road in 2017, returns with their newest performance at the refurbished Wyvern Theatre Studio.

The company have set out their stall as being people that produce new and exciting work in the town, working with inclusive businesses to promote access to the arts. Working in unusual spaces like coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, and empty shop units; Darkroom are the first company to perform in the Wyvern Studio, a dedicated black-box space at Swindon’s biggest theatre.

Cougar, by Rose Lewenstein, is a dark comedy-drama from Darkroom about consumption. Two lovers travel the world to raise awareness of climate change and the destruction of environments.

Dark Comedy-Drama from Darkroom
Dark Comedy-Drama from Darkroom

Oli Webb, Director, says ‘The play is very much based on the relationship of Leila and John. We follow them throughout their turbulent relationship. They travel the world staying in endless, identical hotel rooms. They consume with no end whilst Leila writes speeches about the green agenda for climate conferences. The irony isn’t missed.

It also looks at the hypocrisy of big business paying lip service. It’s all well and good a huge multinational going to a climate conference, but how do they get there? Jets? Cars? What are they doing to combat the climate crisis?

During the pandemic I worked for one of the top Young People’s charities in Munich championing young leaders in areas like climate change. We had these exact discussions. Yet, is it possible to change anything, without big business? There is no easy answer and that’s why I love this play.’

When and where and tickets

COUGAR is playing at the Wyvern Studio on Wed 15 – Fri 17 June.
Book tickets today at here.

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