March 2022


RPA Swindon Literacy Champions
Swindon-based Revolution Performing Arts (RPA) now has two accredited literacy champions to further the work of the National Literacy Trust in the Wiltshire town.

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity. The charity works with schools and communities to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life. It’s dedicated to helping raise literacy levels across the UK.

The Swindon Stories hub is part of a ten-year project to promote literacy in Swindon. It’s doing this by involving volunteer literacy champions. These champions will promote reading for pleasure within the community.

Fiona Da Silva Adams, founder of RPA and Laura Barnes, artistic director of the related organisation RPA Rapport CIC, are literacy champions . This training equips them to help children and young people with their literacy skills.

Laura Barnes & Fi Da Silva Adams - RPA Swindon Literacy Champions
Laura Barnes & Fi Da Silva Adams – RPA Swindon Literacy Champions

Laura explained: ‘Becoming literacy champions allows us to support the literacy of 400 young people that we’re currently working with. It encourages in them a love of reading. and we’re already seeing a direct effect. We’re able to promote good literacy by giving all our young people a book of their choice free!’

In the future

Moving forward, Swindon Stories will set literacy related challenges and tasks with which RPA can engage their young people. The next challenge will be to ask the young people what their favourite book is and who is their favourite character in that book.

Fiona and I are delighted we can use our roles as literacy champions to add to what we can already offer those that we’re working with at RPA and RPA Rapport,’ said Laura. ‘We’re fortunate to so often see the creative and vast imaginations of the children at RPA. We know that encouraging their love of stories will only enhance this further.’

In November 2010, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall became the Patron of The National Literacy Trust. With that she’s offered her valuable support to ensure children and adults across the UK have the literacy skills they need.

Eight wards in Swindon are in the most deprived 10% in the nation. Last year, 41% of the most disadvantaged students in Swindon left primary school with poor literacy skills.

Poor literacy and communication skills holds children and adults back at every stage of their life from school to the jobs market.

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