And so dear readers here we are with Nepalese Gurkha Beer, No 19 in my Swindon in 50 Drinks series.

Nepalese Gurkha Beer

The place where I enjoyed this delicious beer was the Gurkha Swindon restaurant (upstairs, above Imperial Express – opposite the Khyber) – find them on Facebook here:

The food was delicious by the way and if you’ve not been – do go. But this post is about the beer so on to that! They serve a mix of Nepalese and Indian food.

About the beer

The Gurkha beer website tell us that the drink is a premium lager beer with a taste that is crisp, refreshing and clean. Its flavours and aromas are locked in via a cold suspension brewing and triple filtration process.

Gurkha Nepalese beer uses only barley, oats, yeast and water so is vegan friendly.

Facts and figures – should you want them

Gurkha beer has:

  • ABV 4.8%
  • Fat -0 grm
  • Sugars 0 grm
  • Calories 45
  • Carbohydrates 3.0 grm

The Brewery

In the first instance, Gurkha beer was brewed in Nepal to give it the best authentic beer taste. But complex logistical and infrastructure factors led to brewing shifting to the UK – to West Sussex. There, the brewery sources local, organic barley from the Goodwood estate and award-winning hops Bodiam in East Sussex.

All of which is great for the food miles of course. Indeed the beer’s environmental credentials are pretty impressive:

‘Solar panels provide electricity, dispersing excess to the National Grid. Reed beds recondition waste water and feed it back into the river Arun, with the approval of the Environment Agency. Waste with higher protein levels are purified by anaerobic digester, producing new energy. Water with a high yeast level, we take off site for use as a soil conditioner.’

The brewery is an award-winning brewer of contemporary beers, having been acclaimed supreme champion in 2012. There’s a whole heap more info on their website so do have a read.

Gurkha Swindon restaurant

Now for a few food photos to whet your appetitefind their menus on their website.

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